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Dream Void- Divinization

The project that is (unfortunately is no more after this release) Dream Void have an upcoming offering “Divinization” that is a serious banger.  The technical/progressive death metal band is closing the doors with a serious band.  I’ve loved their mix of tech and prog especially in the latest release.  They don’t get too wild if you’re not totally into technical death metal, and are progressive enough especially with the plethora of different speeds & rhythms.  Dream Void has always been an interesting band and this last release really puts a stellar library together.  The album is officially scheduled to be released this Friday June 14th.


It’s a truly unique experience.  Dream Void definitely has some super cool guitar riffs and melodic solos on this album.  It gets kinda atmospheric at times, and really helps expand their sound on those sections.  The band has been on my radar after I heard the second album “Sanctimonious”.  They still bring that melodic sound they have accumulated during the first two albums, but it’s still a very heavy album don’t get me wrong.  I think they are going out in style with a monster that is “Divinization”.



Chris Smiley – drums
Blake Keith – guitar
Drew Keedy – vocals

Overall this album is a stellar piece of music, vocally and drum wise as well.  It’s a very impressive offering that soars above many albums that will be released in 2019 that’s a fact.  The groove is great, and Smiley goes batshit crazy when he has to.  The drumming is one of the best parts of the album and is as engaging as the rest of the music on this album.  Drew’s range is absolutely bonkers, considering how low he can get and the highest gutturals he can churn out.  This great release is a definite under dog and would be awesome if you supported the guys.  Pre order this album on their bandcamp.  They’re also offering a deal for all 3 releases (digitally) I might even hop on that deal sooner than later.  They also premiered a stream of the album on YouTube today so if you want to listen to it you can below.  Thank you guys for a great album and three memorable ones in general.  It’s been a great ride, and you left us with possibly your best effort yet.  Enjoy folks!

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