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Atlas Entity- Beneath The Cosmic Silence

Atlas Entity is releasing their sophomore album this Friday June 14th, and it’s a serious monster.  I’ve listened to this album a few times to let it sink in more each listen.  It’s not an overdone technical piece to the point there isn’t any flow, and flow this album does.  If you’re huge into progressive death metal and some weird turns this band is calling your name very loudly.  If you’re one of those “I MISS THE OLD OPETH NO GROWLS NO OPETH” jobbers you’ll enjoy this upcoming album from Atlas Entity.  This project is all of Alex Gallegos’ hard work, and this time he employed Samus Paulicelli of Decrepit Birth to do the drumming on this masterpiece.

“Beneath The Cosmic Silence” has some cool artwork as well.  Very eerie and moody, just like the music!  There’s some folk and pop moments that tie in all of the sounds that Gallegos blends on this album.  It’s a modern day giant not many people will hear, and more people should to say the least.  The guitar riffs aren’t overdone and perfectly compliment the style he is trying to achieve.  The vocals have a ton of depth, in both the gutturals and singing.  There’s some whispers on some of the sections as well, and the range of both singing and the growls are pretty good.  He doesn’t stick to either end of the vocal spectrum too much that it would be repetitive or predictable…..which this album is anything but that.

Samus is a very good drummer, do I need to keep stating the obvious?  The side you don’t see of his shines even more that isn’t all blast beats! He did record drums for a few Devin Townsend songs from his latest opus “Empath” as well.  Pauliceli is a notable YouTuber and records drums for Decrepit Birth (safe to say he’s engulfed in death metal….aye?).  You get to see some softer sides of Paulicelli on the mellow parts of this album, something we don’t get a good enough glimpse of musically since he’s generally into metal.  His fills are great and are definitely not overused clogging any of the musical space.  Samus helps the music breathe, and doesn’t hog any space in the sound of Atlas Entity.  His talent on the drum kit is one of many highlights on this great album.

This awesome album will go under the radar for many people, and is turning out to be one of my favorites for this year for sure.  Listen to the album below and get in some preorders so you can support this great prog project!

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