Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 6-13-19

We are back to pester and annoy you with new music suggestions! If you don’t know these bands, then that’s a small victory for us here at TMR.  Check out some of the bands in past editions before you go any forward, puhleaseeeeee. Enjoy!


Long Island’s instrumental titans are supporting our artist of the month Mörglbl for a few shows during the fall time.  This jazz fusion/prog band is truly awesome, with some fun melodies and rhythms that keep you engaged.  I’m relatively new to this band as I’ve only heard of them the last 6 to 9 months and the album I checked out was absolutely mind blowing.  Check out a few of their songs below and give something new a shot.  Trust me, Ad Astra is a ridiculously talented 4 piece band.



This brutal death metal project is one of the nastier ones of recent memories.  The cavemen riffs, gutturals and rhythms are absolutely alive in this band.  The modernized “slam” movement is just a new kid’s term for brutal death metal… the end it’s still death fucking metal.  These monsters only have one album out titled “Dominating The Extermination”.  You can listen to that nasty album below and tell me you’re not craving more after it’s short-lived 20 minute run time.  Oh well, you gotta listen to the album again what a terrible thing! Listen to the record below!


The brainchild of Alex Gallegos is releasing their sophomore album tomorrow, their first in 3 years.  It’s a progressive death metal project with captivating melodies and chord progressions.  The drumming was done by the mighty Samus Paulicelli for the upcoming album “Beneath The Cosmic Silence”, further enhancing the super cool sound of the band.  Check out the official stream of their upcoming album below if you’re into prog, especially the extreme side.

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