Try Something New Thursday 2-21-19

Hey people! We’re back with our third edition of Try Something New Thursday! You can check out the bands from the first and second editions before diving into this one!  We hope our followers enjoy another eclectic mix of music from TMR!


Utica’s Progressive Death Metal behemoths Inhumatus bring a technical, chaotic, heavy and emotional sound to the musical game.  I first heard of these guys at the Revocation show a handful of summers ago at the Montage Music Hall in Rochester.  A lot of bands that day before Revo absolutely bored the piss out of me….between them and Rochester’s own Gutted Alive totally made it worth suffering through the boring bands that didn’t click with me until the legendary Revocation hit the stage.  Everything about this band just rips….sweet guitar work, rhythms, the vocals and drums… all just CLICKS.  All they have is a 3 song EP for now, but are working on a full length album. There’s no timetable for that bad boy yet, but doesn’t mean you can enjoy these great tunes!


Icefish is a progressive metal band that brings a lot to the table.  Virgil Donati is the band’s drummer…..and if you know him, anything he touches basically turns to gold.  They’re a melodic and technically proficient band I was turned onto recently, that our followers would definitely dig.  Check out a few of their tracks below and don’t forget to follow them on social media!




Here’s a killer band some of our technical death metal fiends may already know of……but if you don’t, well then have at it! Phil from First Fragment and the other 10 bands he’s in is one of the guitarists in this band……they’re wildly entertaining with their technical passages and pure musical virtuosity.  With their immersive levels of talent, they somehow don’t lose their groove.  Serocs treads that fine line of tech and foot tapping/headbanging groove.  They have a superb album “The Phobos/Deimos Suite” that was released last year.  They have 3 prior releases to this, as well. Check out the band’s music below! Oh, and there’s also a playthrough for one of their songs…..try not to drool too hard, okay?


Here’s another great technical death metal band for you to drool over.  These guys are flat out stellar, and also are relatively new…..well, to me at least. They’re already working on new music, which is great.  I’ll just let their music do the talking……Vitriol just fucking rules. Check out their EP below and stay up to snuff with them on social media in regards to their shows and upcoming album/EP.  Mmmmmkay?


OKAY LAST TECHNICAL DEATH METAL BAND FOR THIS WEEK! Okay…..maybe.  If you’ve been a good follower and been paying attention, we worked with the guys on premiering their guitar playthrough of “Edge Of Divergence”.  The band has a two song demo with that title, and currently working on a full length album to be released through their record label EastBreath Records.  The guitar virtuosity of band guitarist Victor is just well…..mind blowing at that.  The playthrough a few sentences beforehand is a great testament to that opinion. Check out the two track demo below, and patiently wait for news on their upcoming full length album.


These guys are an amazingly talented weird instrumental fusion/metal/jazz/rock/prog/whatever you want to categorize them as band.  If you dig bands like Panzerballet you’ll love this 3 piece. They recently released a new record The Story of Scott Rötti I highly suggest you should check out.  The guys have crafted a wild, fun, experimental band with so many surprises they’ll keep you guessing.  If you want to listen to something out of the norm you may not expect to, or wanna switch it up Mörglbl is a great start.  They rule! Check out their latest album below!


This instrumental 3 piece released a great EP “Shapes” a few years back, went on some tours and played some stellar shows.  The band recently lost their bassist but quickly acquired a new one.  Their follow up is in the works, and their spectacular guitarist Trayen is also working on new tunes himself! They’re an atmospheric, melodic metal band that loves to djent.  These guys drew me in when I heard “Event Horizon” and was all we had for a while.  Then, they released ” Shapes” and was happy I had more than one song to jam from the Constructs fellows! Let the band’s wild progressive and atmospheric sound and melodies take you into another dimension today. Check out their EP below and follow the guys on their journey to their follow up, as well as Trayen’s solo project!



Earlier this week, I published a review for Prophets’ first LP; from what I gather, it’s been a long road to get this album out, but they’ve done it. Deep brutal death growls meets Revocation-esque riffage, plus some jazzy, ambient interludes. The Indian metal scene is pouting out incredible acts, and these guys aren’t ones to sleep on. Check it out!

Try Something New Thursday 2-14-19

Hello people! We’re back with more bands and more wacky fun with our second edition of “Try Something New Thursday” on this Valentines Day Edition! We have some sweet stuff lined up for you all today enjoy! We have more progressive and instrumental bands this time around, but don’t worry there’s a few banging death metal bands for you extreme metal lovers to check out.  You can check out the other bands from our previous installment right here.


This newer death metal band really grooves hard…..and they just released their first music video.  Their upcoming EP “Etemenanki” is their second so far, and have a lot of potential.  Their vocalist is awesome, some great groovy guitar riffs and handsome rhythms backed up by the rhythm section.  I love their latest song “Malum”.  Check out the track and their first EP while you wait for “Etemenanki”!



This death metal band adds a little technicality to their sound and still hit hit heavily.  The Icelandic band has crafted a spectacular sound and really peaked our interest to say the least.  Great vocals, guitar work, and the ever changing rhythms fuel the attack of Cult Of Lilith.  Try this band for size if you want something awesome!


Turning Virtue is one of Buffalo’s best hidden gems not enough people know about.  The long time progressive rock band released a spectacular album a few years ago “A Temporary Human Experience” and are currently working on a follow up album as they’ve been promoting the heck out of their last release.  Their frontman Davey K also recorded a solo acoustic album and is releasing the EP shortly, you can check out a track from that upcoming acoustic effort here.  The band disbanded in the 90’s at one point, and came back with ATHE with fresh material and a new vision.




Fire Garden is a progressive rock/art/metal band by Zee Baig out of Chicago.  The band has put out an EP “Prelude Of Colors” and LP “Sound Of Majestic Colors” before unleashing their groundbreaking album “Far And Near” in 2016.  I had the privilege of checking out Fire Garden a few years ago when they came around to Niagara Falls at the Evening Star with Tiles and the previous band Turning Virtue.  Zee is a pretty stellar guitarist, and also recorded vocals on “Far And Near”.  The latest full length really cemented the band in today’s progressive scene and Zee has been tirelessly working on new music.  We’re pretty excited for the follow up, maybe 2019 brings a new single from the upcoming album? Let’s wait and see. He had a cast of guest appearances featuring Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) on keyboards for “Life of a Drifter”, Jimmy Keegan of Spock’s Beard performing all the drums on the album, Bruce Soord (Pineapple Thief) mixing the album and the artwork completed by the legendary Travis Smith.  You know it’s a solid album if this stellar group of artists decide to stamp their name on this record. In the meantime, blast “Far And Near” right below.


Dave has been following this progressive metal band since their EP “Part 1: The Book Of Dr. Breacher”.  This band combines progressive elements with rock, sporadic jazz sections and is awfully tight.  The guys released a single recently “Oni-Chan!” an obvious tribute to anime the moment you see the single photograph.  Others By No One really went even further outside the box adding some growls and blast beats to their expansive and wacky sound.  What really is awesome about this newer band is their spontaneity and unpredictable nature if you’re not familiar with them.  The guitar work, drums and bass are so versatile it’s mind blowing.  The vocals are so cool consisting of a wide range. Others By No One has found a great sound. The band has put together great music that should be reached to broader audiences.  Check out “Oni-Chan!” below!


Here’s some smashing instrumental progressive extreme metal done all by one man…Patrick.  The debut album “Five Suns” is a 7 track trip through insanity that any prog fan of the extreme realms will definitely enjoy if you’re into the instrumental world.  It’s a damn fine piece of music, with a classic blackened touch to his music on top of it all.  He is working on new music last time I knew in November of 2018, but you can listen to the debut right below.  Enjoy metalheads!


This instrumental prog metal/gypsy jazz studio project grabbed Dave’s attention with the debut EP “Candle Cove”.  The wild guitar melodies, riffs, and djenty breaks make for a seriously fun time traveling through the world of Echopraxia. The band also released a Halloween themed EP titled “Pumpkin Palace” in 2017, which was pretty creepy. Are there any more offerings in the works? We don’t know. But it’s a great project for guitar nerds, Meshuggah and djentlemen.  Check out the band’s music right below! Don’t be a bitch and buy the music.


Denis Shvarts is the mastermind behind his technical/progressive death metal instrumental band Dark Matter Secret…..and so is his wildly talented bassist Pavel Semin who also plays in the vastly talented tech/prog death band Irreversible Mechanism.  He released his second full length album under his own name this past monday the 11th titled “Dreamology”.  It’s a ripper, like his debut album.  A bit less wild and more melodic than Dark Matter Secret.  DMS has a lot of odd rhythms, sweet clean sections and tons of amazing guitar work with a killer bassist that backs him up the whole time.  It just proves Shvarts is a wildly talented and diverse musician, which we already knew…..but not enough people know of.  Oh, and Dark Matter Secret is signed to The Artisan Era as well. Check out his new album “Dreamology” and Dark Matter Secret’s album “Perfect World Creation” below!


Probably my favourite brutal death band from Russia, I was introduced to them when I caught wind of them on a sweet tour going through Europe last year. With Devangelic, Antropofagus and Relics of Humanity filling the rest of the bill, I knew I would be in for a treat with whatever Ossuary Anex had in their arsenal. And I was not in the least bit disappointed. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you’re into any of the bands listed above, you won’t be either. I promise.

Try Something New Thursday 2-7-19

Hey guys! We are starting our own weekly column tentatively titled “Try Something New Thursday” where we focus on more than one band, and suggest up to 10 bands for everyone to check out…..based on the genres we promote.  This is our first installment, so we hope everyone who reads the article checks out some killer music! If you want to stream or premiere new music on this segment, you can always email us! Now onto some sweet tunes!


Here’s some wild instrumental technical death metal….some serious Brain Drill/Spawn Of Possession vibes here.  Amazing guitar work and groove for days! Check it out!


This tasty as hell instrumental progressive band will leave you craving for a lot more! If you dig instrumental bands with that djenty Animals as Leaders Vibe, you’ll love Incipience. They’re working on new music as we type, so we are super excited for that.  Check out their track “Bloom” right below!



What kinda site would we be if we don’t have SOME kind of local plug? Our boys Inertia are a modern progressive metal band with those BTBAM and Contortionist vibes that we absolutely swooned over.  Buffalo puts out so much music of the same genres, it’s good to see more progressive and instrumental (we’ll touch on some in the coming weeks, don’t you worry) genres.  This technical band will kick your ass into next year! But don’t worry, there’s still some pretty flavorful parts between their wild guitar work and rhythms. Check out “Teratoma” below and see why we can’t stop playing it!



To our brothers an hour away from Buffalo, Rochester melodic death metallers Halothane released an absolutely FANTASTIC record last year titled “A False Reality”.  With some recent social media activity, it looks like the lads are already working up on a follow up album! If you’re into any melodic death metal with some sprinkles of progressive death metal check out Halothane! Here’s “A False Reality” to feast your ears upon!



Okay guys, time for something jazzy.  One of my favorite modern jazz guitarists Gilad Hekselman absolutely tears it up on guitar.  He released another spectacular record last year titled “Ask For Chaos”.  Check out one of the songs from his latest album “V Blues” below, and go check out the rest of his albums!



Technical/Progressive Death Metal nutjobs Fields Of Elysium absolutely blew us away last summer on their tour with The Last Of Lucy and Inanimate Existence.  These guys have enough talent in their palms than 100 bands combined! Their wild and complex rhythms, killer guitar and bass work, and wild drummer make up a brutal and technical adventure! There’s also some random funky sections that add to an already flavorful sound, so fasten your seatbelts! Check out their music right below!


Technical/Symphonic/Melodic Death Metal Chileans Bleak Flesh are working on a new album, and my friend Matias who plays guitar in this wild band constantly updates me on their recording process and I happily oblige! These guys got a hold of us when we started this site to promote their song “Spectral Path” and have been hooked ever since….they add more than technicality to the game, and their new songs are shaping up to be the coolest and most unique music they’ve composed to the day. They have a full length and an EP to date along with this single. Listen to their latest single released last year “The Curse Of Sight”! And be sure to keep an eye out when they drop pre orders and are done working on their new album I guarantee it’ll be a fantastic album!


This technical/progressive death metal band brings the pain and technicality to the nth degree! The band grooves really hard, so anyone who is turned off by overdone technical  music will dig these guys.  Cerebrum has that fine line between it all, and really dig this band. Check out their latest album “Iridium” below!


Thanks for tuning into our first edition of “Try Something New Thursday” and hope to see you back next Thursday for more tunes!