Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 2-13-20

This week we have some pretty wild and unusual bands for you to check out!  I threw out a trio of heavy bands for our followers this week.  Before you  hopefully open up your ears to them, some past editions might just suit your fancy.  Just browse through the huge back catalogue and I’m sure you’ll find something you haven’t heard of yet.


Here’s the wild, whacky, unusual and insanely addicting band that will wow you in many ways.  They’re super technical, heavy, and also borderline mathcore in a way…..not DEP crazy but there’s a few moments.  Oh, I forgot to add they’re kinda jazzy with some saxophone tracks and the fretless bass adds so much depth to a wildly insane sound.  PC will make you soil your trousers, guaranteed.  So many wild moments, nasty gutturals and insane drum fills your mind can’t handle it in a few spins I will guarantee that.  Check out their fresh release “God Kaiser Hell” below, and trust me you’ll need a few listens to the 30+ minute album to get some sort of grasp on them.  Enjoy!


I know I’ve covered this death metal supergroup featuring Fallujah, Decrepit Birth and The Zenith Passage members before.  Super groovy, nasty, kinda technical and heavy ass death metal infused Muldrotha blessed us with a new track this year.  “To The Kingdom Underground” is a no holds barred nasty ass slab of death metal.  If members of those bands don’t give you expectations of a stellar song, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  Listen to the new track “To The Kingdom Underground” now!


If you enjoy neoclassical technical death metal played RIDICULOUSLY fast, check out this group.  We premiered a new song for the Philippines based band in the past week titled “Advent”.  The band recently signed to Eastbreath Records out of Indonesia and let me tell you there’s a stellar guest on guitar on their upcoming full length with the same title “Advent”. Yeah, that’s CHRISTIAN FREAKING MUENZNER (ex Obscura, ex Necrophagist, Alkaloid, Eternity’s End).  The album is out next month in March and you can listen to the song in the link posted above.

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