This weekend marked our second year of existence!  We are super grateful for all of our followers (new and old!) since the journey began and can’t thank everyone enough to using us as a source in music news and discovery.  If you weren’t on board last year, I’ll quickly fill you in.  We did a one month drive for a local cat shelter were we adopted all 3 (one recently passed on unfortunately) cats and raised $100! As a thank you to shelters that work hard for very little to no money (as we know it goes directly to maintenance, bills and to keep the animals alive) we called upon our community.  The shelter I chose this year is HEART Animal Rescue and Adoption located in the village I grew up in.  In comparison to last year’s shelter Ten Lives, they also take in dogs as well.  My other reason for choosing HEART was my in-laws recently added a kitty and went to HEART for him as well.

This will be up until the middle of next month (March) to help out this awesome shelter.  We would be over the moon excited if we can top our first year amount of $100 to be honest.  Animals are precious and deserve fair treatment and shelter like any other creature should.  Ten Lives and HEART don’t give up no matter how hard it is and do not euthanize which is very important to us.  Value life, it goes by in the blink of an eye.

Go ahead and share stores of your adopted fur friends, post your pictures and whatever your heart desires.  PLEASE share this post so we can help our HEART animal rescue and give them a little pat on the shoulder to help them out in the beginning of 2020! As brutal as metal can get and emotional the fans are, deep down inside they love kitties and doggies.

The amount doesn’t matter, even if it’s a few dollars.  Donate any money right here.  And if you live in the area, check out HEART Animal Rescue And Adoption for your next fur baby addition to your family!

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