Official Premiere Of Emperium “Advent”

Technical death metal outfit Emperium was kind enough to lend us their BLAZING new track “Advent” to premiere for the lads today.  My Indonesian friends at Eastbreath Records keep nabbing great bands and showcase us westerners some insane talent.  If you’re expecting slower/mid paced groove….throw that out the window.  What you can expect from Emperium is A LOT OF SPEED.  There’s a few guitar duals (fast paced ones, nothing slow here) in this short 3:37 song and did they ever jam a lot into it.  The vocals are pretty gnarly and varied (backup vocals are a bit higher).  The drummer gets in one heck of a workout on this song, lots of insane fills to add to the rigorous speed. Enjoy this blazing new track from the band’s upcoming album with the same exact name “Advent”!

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