Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 2-6-20

We have some more music for our followers to check out, whether its new to you guys or not is up to you.  Check out our past editions of Try Something New Thursday right here!


Melodic Tech Death masters Abiotic left for a period of time and graced us with their vastly underrated presence last year!  They left us a smoking new song “Emerald” which hits on every single level from a great band like this.  The band also is a part of the ever growing and expanding roster of The Artisan Era.  As a result of this awesome news, the band has been writing and is also planning on releasing a new album this year!  Check back for singles whenever they drop and if you haven’t feasted on Abiotic yet listen to the emotional song “Emerald” below.  The band recently put out the new songs will have very emotional, deep and gut wrenching lyrics as well.  Enjoy!


Want some raunchy, nasty, dirty old school death metal with a little technical and blackened twist? If you answered yes to any of those elements Defiled is going to be your new favorite flavor of the week!  The boys released “Infinite Regress” this year and it absolutely skullfucked me.  What a heavy, technical, nasty offering this record is.  They really hit the nail hard for that dirty old school death metal vibe, and you guys will definitely get your fix with Defiled!  Scratch that itch below!


Craving some modern melodic progressive metal?  Distorted Harmony has been kicking ass for years and are a massively talented band not enough people are familiar with.  Their latest release “A Way Out” is a great album you will need to listen to now.  The vocals are awesome and have always dug how they layer their songs with the different keyboards as well.  If you want a melodic trip with all sorts of modern electronic effects, soaring riffs and vocals DH will fit your bill!   These guys are fantastic and the latest album is a heavier bid in that direction.  Check it out below!

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