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February 2020’s Band Of The Month…TAUK

Tauk is our artist of the month for February this year!  My wife showed me this band she found out about and low and behold…..found a totally different kind of instrumental band.  The guitarist isn’t overdoing it and shredding all over the fretboard….it’s very melodic, soulful, and heartfelt as a whole.  They’re a little prog, a little jazzy, sprinkle in some psychedelic jam band influence and a bit rock you get this great group.  The keyboard player not only adds to the sound depth wise, but gets plenty of chances to solo as well.  Tauk struck me as an instrumental 4 piece who can WRITE.  Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of original groups in the genre and you can distinctly differentiate certain bands.  Like any genre, some bands sound the same intentionally or not and Tauk is a long ways off of that stereotype.  They are focused on writing stellar songs with all sorts of cool mood changes and great parts, rather than the band just showing off their talents in a musical wankfest.  Tauk is enjoyable for artists to hear something totally different and also for any fan who want the same experience.  Heck, there’s even some hip hop sections!


They are a genre bending band and also had the pleasure of catching them last evening at Buffalo Iron Works.  Just like Consider The Source I heard of this band and magically a few weeks later were hitting my neck of the woods!  Their live show is very energetic and have a pretty wild light show too.  I figured it would be a cool band to promote that may not be well known by our followers.  Enjoy their music this month and I hope they gain some new fans!

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