Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 1-30-20

TMR is back to suggest some more new music for your earholes! Check out our previous features before diving head first into this article.


The NYC based project released their blistering, technical debut within the last few weeks “A Reptilian Dystopia”.  The guitar work is beyond phenomenal, and the vocals are just as catchy. They aren’t 100% death metal but are really a blend of modern tech metal and death metal.  I’m extremely excited to see if the band is cooking up any live shows to promote the release and am definitely keeping my eyes on this project from here on out. If you want that Decapitated/Arsis/Obscura blend of groove and technicality Frogg is meant for you.  Check out that release below in the player!


Time for your weekly suggestion of never-ending brutality/slams!  VI is a nice and fresh project featuring Wilson (Guitarist in Facelift DeformationVirginity Fraud,  Dimensional Decay, Incestuous Impregnation and a ton of projects I’m probably still forgetting) and ex Analepsy vocalist Ricardo.  That’s all you really need to know if you want to take this project seriously…..and seriously you shall.  Listen to last year’s wild ride “Chapter Of The Vermin Domain” below and bang your head!


You like instrumental music? You like Gorguts? Well, 2/3 of the band (Kevin Hufnagel and Colin Marston) make up this awesome instrumental band who has actually been out on tour recently.  With the legendary band taking a (hopefully) temporary break, it gave Kevin and Colin a chance to bring Dysrhythmia on the road for some periodical shows.  I’m sure some of our followers are familiar with this great band, but in the event you aren’t…..surprise!  If you love the avant garde/experimental chaotic world you will dig this band a TON.  They released a monster record last year they’re currently supporting titled “Terminal Threshold”.  Check it out below!

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