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Wilson NG Interview August 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve done an interview and had a few stinkers that flunked out on me…..Facelift Deformation and Virginity Fraud guitarist Wilson NG has gratefully accepted my request and has been on my interview list for a little while.  A lot of n00bs will be saying “WHO” “WUT”….well, do your research plebs.  Those are his two bigger projects (Virginity Fraud being his newest) and the guy gets to work with brutal death metal vocalist legend LARRY WANG in those two bands as well as other projects! Facelift Deformation is releasing an album “Cybernetic Organism Atrocities” on August 31st.  You can get a taste of their upcoming brutality right here.  Wilson also spends his time not only as a guitarist and writing new music, but also as a producer….needless to say he’s a busy dude. Virginity Fraud signed to Miasma Records who also is the home of Analepsy, and Facelift is on Realityfade Records one of my favorite up and coming brutal labels.  Enjoy the interview and stay brutal!

TMR: Explain how you got into death metal. What peaked your interest?

Wilson: I started playing guitar 10 years ago and got myself into heavy/thrash/old school metal during my 4th year of playing. And at that time I just wanted to challenge myself on guitar skills so I explored extreme metal genres. And at first technical death metal came to my mind. I played and covered some songs and I just kept checking out more bands. And one day Youtube recommended me to check out Abominable Putridity, my world was totally changed at that moment.


TMR: You offer production to bands as well. What motivated you down this path? What have you produced so far?

Wilson: Yes I offer Audio Productions like mixing and mastering for slam/deathcore/beatdown bands. The reason that I started learning audio production is so simple that having another audio engineer to mix for my bands is costly. For this I do not mean they are charging too much but just because my band members and I were in tight budget to afford album productions. Releasing an album need good mix at first but also a shit ton of money to get sick artwork, logos and stuff. So I just thought: Hey why don’t I learn mixing by myself and mix for my bands, maybe for other bands and found my own production studio in the future(now)? And for my the music I have done so far, I will put up a list soon, please feel free to check out my studio page Cats and Hammers Domination Audio Production.

TMR: You’re in a ton of projects, most notably (to me at least) Facelift Deformation and now Virginity Fraud. There’s plenty more bands you’re in, list them all for our followers to check out please.

Wilson: Yes it is so fun to play in these bands and I will make a list soon to, but I also have them all listed on my wall, check out if you can.

TMR: Will your bands ever play any shows?
Wilson: We are trying hard to arrange shows and performance but consider we are internet bands having memebers from different countries, it is really difficult to make it possible, flight tickets and accommodation cost a lot.
We are trying to arrange some live shows for Facelift, it won’t be so soon but we are working hard on it.

TMR: You probably have even more music in the works. Anything you care to spill and talk about?

Wilson: Yes I do have a few projects running at this moment, so now we are working on new release for my bands Incestuous Impregnation, Vermicular Incubation and Awaken The Misogynist. We cant wait to put out new material! And I am working for other bands as session revording guitarist for their EP/album. So much fun to work with such talented musicians!

TMR: How did you get into playing guitar? Who influenced you?

Wilson: It may sound funny but I started playing guitar because of Japanese Pop and Anime music. So glad to made firend with memebers of the music club in my high school and they introduced me to metal. Still remember I was totally blown away at my first time listening to Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne and motivated me a lot. Miles Dimitri Baker(ex-Ring of Saturn) motivated me a lot on refining my guitar skills and keep challeging myself. And I have to shout out to Larry Wang of Maggot Colony and Coprocephalic for all his kind help on my song writing and audio production. I wouldn’t be here without his guidance. Also Ola Englund (who is my boss and also a Youtube Guitarist) inspired me to make guitar covers and videos, and his kind support and endorsement to me (because I play Solar Guitars, his guitar company).

TMR: List your favorite bands.

Wilson: Bands I love such as Pathology, Coprocephalic, Analepsy and Abominable Putridity, which have very huge influence on my song written. Early old school death metal like Vital Remains and Deicide who were the very first bands who introduced me to death metal. I need hours to list out my favourite bands lol!


TMR: Explain the concept of the upcoming Facelift Deformation album “Cybernetic Organism Atrocities”. Super awesome artwork for the cover too by the way!


Wilson: Facelift Deformation Second album features the theme on sci-fi aliens again. Weapons created with cybernetic substance and organic existance. Getting out of control and break out. You know, very typical story though.
We are aiming to make something different to us on our next album. We tried to build up a very chaotic atmosphere on our first album. And we tried to make the song structure more mature and fluent. We are bringing in some fast technical guitar riffs in our songs.

TMR: How have people been reacting to the Virginity Fraud debut album?

Wilson: Yeah we have good reviews for Virginity Fraud, so far so good. We appreciate the support, we want to thank ppl who purchase our merchs, cds, digital tracks and people who listen and spread our music. All your kind words mean a lot to us.


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