Afterbleeding- Paths Of Decimation

Sirius Records  band Afterbleeding released their debut EP “Paths Of Decimation” on February 24th and we’re here to bring the low down for you all!  One great thing that immediately stood out to me  are the great vocals.  Consistent gutturals that you can understand are so rare in extreme metal……huge thumbs up! The guitar riffs are so heavy, groovy and occasionally complex.  The guitar leads are equally as entertaining churning up a stellar output for the guitars on this EP.

What else I really dig is the artwork.  Your average death metal album art is well, usually pretty disgusting.  It has a cool post apocalyptic destructive world thing going on. That is a nice change up from the usual gore and ripped body limbs thing that we usually see on most covers.


The production is pretty good for a debut offering.  The vocals are up front, but not too overpowering in comparison to the rest of the instruments.  My only SLIGHT complaint is the drums and bass need to be turned up a hair.  Besides that, nothing dominates the mix too bad to the point that its unlistenable (which it isn’t!).  A terrible mix can kill the actual music of an album… Cavalera Conspiracy’s album “Pandemonium”.  The music is actually great, but it feels like it’s all vocals and guitar.  Some tracks, the vocals are much louder than the guitar and drums.  You can’t even hear the bass for the most part on that album! Safe to say, that is not the case here with Afterbleeding’s EP.

The drums on “Paths Of Decimation” are very consistent, heavy and groovy.  The rhythm between the bass and drums are extremely important in this band, with all the tempo changes.  For a young band, they’re pretty solid.  It’s a great start for a band on a small label, and I wish them nothing but the best.  Afterbleeding will fit into your library if you want a super groovy death metal band that doesn’t overcomplicate the genre.  If you want a solid mix of the aforementioned, these guys are your go to for your death metal fix.  Check out the album below, they also have physical copies available if you’re interested in a CD as well.


Dawn of Demise release “In Silence He’ll Arise” and announce new album

Death Metal veterans Dawn Of Demise are releasing a new record “Into The Depths Of Veracity” on April 19th and released a ridiculously groovy and heavy track titled “In Silence He’ll Arise”.  Dawn of Demise are one of those consistent death metal bands that don’t get enough love, and have been jamming these guys since their last bone crunching effort “The Suffering” from 2016.  Okay, I’m newer to these guys but that doesn’t take away from the fact. The record will be released through Unique Leader Records.   Scott’s vocals are one of my favorite aspects of the band…..understandable gutturals, a very rare thing in death metal.  Sweet riffing, rhythms, drumming and a melodic guitar solo pack the house on the new single.  If you like your death metal groovy, heavy and disgusting Dawn Of Demise is right up your ally.  Good band to change it up from the technical and complex side of the genre, and those DOD guys just come out swinging! Check out the lyric video below and if you dig it preorder it once the bundle are up on the IndieMerch website.  Stay brutal!

Continuum- Designed Obsolescence

The perfection that is the Technical Death Metal supergroup that is known as Continuum is releasing their second album this Friday February 22nd.  My good friend Austin Weber at Metal Injection premiered this beast of an album on Tuesday, and can check it out in in its entirety right here.  Wanna know why this band is so great? The veterans of quality metal bands of many subgeneres, and ones that made very big impacts on the genre. Vocalist Riley McShane fronts Allegaeon and Suns Of Aurelias (3 bands!), lead guitarist Chase Fraser plays in Conflux (ex Arkaik, ex Decrepit Birth and ex scour…..impressive resume, I’d say), Rhythm Guitarist Ivan Munguia plays in Deeds Of Flesh (ex Arkaik, ex Brain Drill, and ex Odious Mortem), bassist Nick Willbrand of Eviscerated (ex Flesh Consumed)  and newest member Ron Casey of Inanimate Existence on drums (ex Arkaik live, ex Rings of Saturn, ex Flesh Consumed)…….so again, look at the quality of bands (lots technical) these super talented artists have been in.  So I reiterate the obvious and going on a stretch saying this will be a top record of 2019, but not really a stretch. Let’s get rolling.

Allegaeon rips, no lie.  They’re a modern melodic technical death metal band with some serious flavor, but man Riley’s voice is SO PURE on this record.  He’s squealed and breeeeeeeeeed like I’ve never heard him before! Methinks he’s been holding back, but on “Designed Obsolescence” he sure as heck didn’t hold a dang thing back.  His consistency in his gutturals is amazing…..maybe that’s why he was temporarily recruited to front brutal death metal legends Pathology (for a few minutes, I think?).

What can I say about Ron Casey? It’s no secret I’m WAY too obsessed with Inanimate Existence and his drumming has helped catapult Continuum to modern day legendary status. The band’s debut was so cool and groggy, I couldn’t say no to check it out and have been curious to what the guys had been up to.  Then I see updates get excited…..then get more excited when Ron is added to the group to replace Spencer Edwards (their original drummer).  His precise drumming is always a treat, no doubt.  His blast beats are so clean, so fast and so….beautiful? Ron won’t overdo it, and won’t overfill you with them tasty fills.  He adds a consistent element to a technical band, and holding down a great rhythm keeps a project as wild as this at bay.  Having a great drummer in a band as this is SUPER important, and Ron adds the RIGHT flavor on his fills and its the rhythmic backbone along with Hillbrand’s loud thundering bass with fills as tasty as Casey’s (I JUST RHYHMED!).



The guitar talents of Chase and Ivan are just well…..damn, that swear is the best adjective that describes it.  The guitar leads are so melodic, powerful and shockingly not over the top in a tech band.  What is though, are those meaty techy riffs the guys have come up with for the album. The production is absolutely crisp, especially the guitar. Overall this album just fucking smashes, mixing enough brutality and enough technicality to combine for an absolutely stellar death metal effort to blend all sorts of extreme metal into one amazing album.  Coming in at a mere 32 minutes, you’ll have this album on repeat as much as I have (about 4 times since the stream dropped, no lie.  And you don’t wanna know how many times I’ve heard the 3 singles before Tuesday’s stream… we’ll leave it at that!) I urge you all to preorder this album like I did (CD and both vinyls HURRAH) because it’s a 2019 contender and after I finish composing this article I’m adding it to my list (the good part of the list, that is!)! Check out the record when it drops Friday and check out the guys when they go on a quick west coast tour with Alterbeast!


Definitely hit up these shows if you live out west with the guys active bands you don’t know when Continuum will play next…..and also for the Alterbeast guys I have no idea who’s in that band but I saw GABE SEEBER is filling in on drums for the band.  Michael Alvarez who left the Beast is filling in on this tour (that’s what they all say….right?) on vocals, but there’s been no confirmed drummer or vocalist in the band… we’ll see what the future holds for Alterbeast.  Aethere are no slackers either, this lineup is stacked!

Spiritual Deception release “Malum”

Spiritual Deception unleashed a new track “Malum” through Slam Worldwide from their upcoming EP “Etemenanki” due out in March.  I have never heard of this brutally awesome band until well I checked out this song.  They’re a more technical Aborted, but the Italian version.  The vocalist is SO GOOD. Yep, I really dig Spiritual Deception.  It’s not over technical, and yeah it grooves really hard.  Give it a listen! Stay brutal!

Crypteria Self Titled Album

Crypteria released their debut self titled album and I’m just getting around to it right now.  Dang, did I slack.  These guys pump out mind blowing, groovy and very heavy death metal.  They have creating neck breaking guitar riffs, killer vocals and drums staying true to their Florida roots when it comes to death metal.  It’s a quick record at just over 31 minutes, but you can keep it on repeat and go wild just like I did! I never got sick of it, and am extremely interested in their follow up.  “Crypteria” is a great debut for a new band and put the guys off to an absolutely blazing start to their music careers.




Austin Burleigh – Guitar
Rex Kirkland – Drums
Kevin McCombs – Bass
Bobby Warner – Vocals

Warner’s voice is a great combination of a classic and modern take on death metal making Crypteria a brutal choice for old and new school death metal headbangers.  Kevin and Rex’s rhythm work are the driving force behind this heavy band, no doubt.  I am extremely surprised with this band and glad I gave the guys a shot.  You never know with new bands, especially with a debut… can be really good, or really bad.  I’m proud to say its anything BUT bad, and would suggest this to anyone into extreme metal.  Grab the album here or on any digital platform.


Check out this killer playthrough of “Immersed In Emptiness”!

Unmerciful signs to Willowtip Records!

Willowtip Records is still showing they’re one of the best record labels in metal right now outside of young, up & coming labels like The Artisan Era.    Willowtip JUST announced they have signed brutal death metal group Unmerciful.  The band previously announced they’re going to be on the wild lineup Chicago Domination Festival, which you can peek at right here….if you can make out most of those bands!  I can make out….like a handful? Good luck!


These guys are a relentless death metal train and the Willowtip Machine keeps on a rollin’.  Check out the bands latest album right here, and let’s hope they’re gonna be putting out some new music in the next year or so.  For now, catch the band at that awesome looking festival if you live close to Chicago.  And the rest of the bands on that bill… Narcotic Wasteland, Pathology, and Malignancy.  Stay Brutal and enjoy UNMERCIFUL!

AD PATRES- A Brief Introduction To Human Experiments

AD PATRES is a brutal death metal band who is releasing an absolutely slamming record this Friday February 8th titled “A Brief Introduction To Human Experiments”.  If you wanna check out one stellar track from it, you can do so by listening right here.  These guys are brutal, heavy, sickening and right to the point.  You won’t be introduced to complex, overdone and mind blowing technlaity these guys straight up groove and groove HARD.  That’s what I dig about AD PATRES, they also derive a classic old school death metal sound into their music.  The drumming is absolutely awesome on this record, and keeps the rhythm flowing very nicely.  I love the fills, they’re very tasteful!



Axel Doussaud – Vocals
Pierre-Yves Marani- Guitars
Olivier Bousquet- Guitars
Arnaud Pecoste-  Bass
Alsvid-  Drums

The riffs and leads between Pierre and Olivier are absolutely stellar.  These guys understand and bring the heavy qualities of old school death metal, mixed in with their melodic guitar solos. Ad Patres has this death metal game down to a science, and you peoples of the internet need to listen to their upcoming album! Axel’s voice is so awesome! Yeah…..not only is it consistent, heavy and very stellar YOU CAN UNDERSTAND HIM! I love death metal of all forms, and you just get used to so many different vocal styles…..but on a rare occasion such as this, you can understand the vocalist (or most of the words anyways!)  Cheers to that! Arnaud’s bass is absolutely pummeling, and make this brutal band even heavier.  Check out the band on social media everywhere and preorder this album through their label Xenokorp.

Crypteria release “Corrupted Text” Lyric Video

Crypteria have released a lyric video for their brutally devastating song “Corrupted Text”.  The track is from the self titled debut album which is available right now on all major streaming platforms, digitally and physically on their band camp.  You can also grab a t shirt and support the Jacksonville 4 piece! Crypteria is a relentlessly heavy band that hits you in the face with their intense sound, especially on drums.  The vocals are up front, in your face and straight up heavy.  If you wanna try a death metal band that’s simple and to the point, they will suit your needs.  Give ’em a shot!

Intricated Official Song Premiere for “Flagitious Meditation”

Thailand’s own Intricated is premiering a BRUTAL and HEAVY new single titled “Flagitious Meditation”.  These guys are well…..super, super heavy.  They keep a consistent and killer rhythm, and just keep on grooving.  I really dig their sound…..thunderous, punishing drums and killer vocals.  If you dig the brutal you’ll be into Intricated.  This isn’t their first time around the block, and have been around for over a decade. I hope you enjoy the song, and the band does as well.  Stay brutal friends and enjoy this wild song!



Flagitious Meditation

Relics Of Humanity release “Legion Of The Unbowed”

Relics Of Humanity have released another brutal single from their upcoming EP “Obscuration”.  This song is titled “Legion Of The Unbowed” with this song a really, really big nod to classic death metal bands of days gone by.  This track has a huge Suffocation influence, which I personally love.  Killer drumming, and even better vocals.  All in all, it’s just another groovy dirty death metal song from this awesome EP by Relics of Humanity.  Willowtip Records really hit a home run with this band, and I’m pretty sure they know it.  Bang your head!