Category: Brutal Death Metal

Spiritual Deception release “Malum”

Spiritual Deception unleashed a new track “Malum” through Slam Worldwide from their upcoming EP “Etemenanki” due out in March.  I have never heard of this brutally awesome band until well I checked out this song.  They’re a more technical Aborted, but the Italian version.  The vocalist is SO GOOD. […]


Crypteria Self Titled Album

Crypteria released their debut self titled album and I’m just getting around to it right now.  Dang, did I slack.  These guys pump out mind blowing, groovy and very heavy death metal.  They have creating neck breaking guitar riffs, killer vocals and drums staying true to their Florida roots […]

Relics Of Humanity- Obscuration

Relics Of Humanity is a brutal death metal band from Belarus who is releasing their EP “Obscuration” shortly on February 22nd through Willowtip Records.  The label constantly strives for quality music, and Relics of Humanity is just that and then some for the death metal crowd.  This band really does […]