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Brand Of Sacrifice- Godhand

Brand Of Sacrifice is releasing their nasty full length album “Godhand” this Friday July 5th.  Their EP “The Interstice” caught my attention last year, most notably with their nasty grooves and vocals as well.  This whole band just clicks, and it comes to fruition on “Godhand”.  It also caught the attention of their newer record label Unique Leader Records who didn’t waste any time snatching up this brutal band.  Yes, there are also some modern death metal/deathcore elements in the songs but it’s far from annoying or repetitive.  I don’t enjoy a lot of deathcore but bands like this are extremely enjoyable.  I love the interludes that break up the songs, only taking a momentary breather and it return to this brutal assault.

The drumming is very wild and thoroughly enjoyed the different speeds the band played at in general.  There’s some faster parts and plenty of slower rhythms as well, a bit more unpredictable than most bands in the genre.  The record clocks in just around the 30 minute mark with its short, sweet and heavy style.  You absolutely need to listen to it several times to let it “digest”, so to speak.  It’s not an overly technical or heavily layered album, it’s over sooner than later and need a few refreshers to grasp the album.

The different samples are pretty cool and I’m not really big on that in music either.  Too many bands overuse electronics, samples or voice samples whether it be a transitional track or in an actual song.  Over the last few years I’ve slowly softened up to it if it fits the album and flow of it, and I think it’s an important part for “Godhand”.  Brand Of Sacrifice didn’t overuse them, and to be honest I actually enjoyed them.  The different electronic effects really make this music monstrous out of the gate like a Chevy Camaro.


Brand Of Sacrifice is a really cool band that didn’t play out a lot considering the band has members from Toronto and New York City.  With this upcoming release, they also have more material to play at shows.  They’ve partaken in a few tours in the past year, and have scored a nasty slot supporting great bands on Summer Slaughter (believe it or not it’s a great lineup this year!).  They will be on tour with greats such as Cattle Decpitation, Rivers Of Nihil, The Faceless and deathcore heavyweights Carnifex.  For a smaller & newer band that’s mind blowing and I’m happy for the band.  Things are looking up for Brand Of Sacrifice and you should totally follow them on their journey in the extreme metal world.

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