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Ecliptic Vision Is Our July 2019 Artist Of The Month!

In the event you thought we were going a little too artsy for our recent monthly features with Thank You Scientist in May and Mörglbl in June, we have a ridicoulsy heavy death metal band for you all in July.  The Syracuse natives Ecliptic Vision have been working hard at their craft and brutality for years now starting with the full length “Dissimilar Dimensions” in 2016 and the follow up EP “Omphalos Of The Void”.  The EP is when I really got into the band and ironically never saw them live YET.  TMR is putting on its first show on its own (with the help of Rochester Metal Booking) in October.  You can catch these heavyweights and 3 other great extreme metal bands at our show if you live in or near Rochester.  We plan on doing some sort of holiday show and a birthday show every year and couldn’t be more excited to bring Rochester some of our area’s better extreme metal bands.


The guys are releasing their self titled album in a week and it’s been a ride getting the opportunity to listen to it before it’s official release date.  If you want to check it out, they will be streaming it Wednesday evening 8pm Eastern before the July 6th release date.  They’re super groovy, riff like a mofo and are also ridiculously hard workers.  They’ve paid their dues with a lot of shows around their area and out of state, but recently have been getting some fun offers not only headlong some shows but playing on a good amount of national shows as well.  It’s all well deserved for Ecliptic Vision, and you’ll love them if you’re not into the wild technical scene.  EV brings a ton of groove and consistency that not every death metal band can.  It’s very tough for us to run a local band as they eventually disband, or don’t have enough material recorded to span a month (28 to 30 days is about 3 albums worth of material one song per day).  With this monstrous release impending, we are ecstatic to help the guys promote this great album and the rest of their library.  Our city Buffalo does not have more than a few death metal bands, Rochester has plenty of death metal bands and Syracuse does as well.  They represent their city well, and deserve the promotion outside of the state of New York.

We will be dropping a song every day for you all to check out and if you’re digging that sound PLEASE go preorder the album! There’s a handful of different packages you can choose from or if you just want it separately that’s cool too.  They’re a massively talented band that works hard at their craft and promote themselves, so help them out by getting something and spreading the word that is the great ECLIPTIC VISION .  Stay brutal my friends!

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