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Thank You Scientist Is May’s Artist Of The Month!

The greatness and weirdness of upcoming progressive rock 7 piece band Thank You Scientist  simply cannot be ignored.  Seeing some of our first few promoted bands of 2019 are fairly heavy, I figured we would change it up with a heavily layered band with a real unusual sound.  TYS is very captivating to me because they have a brass section (saxophone and trumpet), and a violin player! The vocalist is great and adds a lot to their super deep sound.  I saw them live at Buffalo Iron Works a few years ago and was truly one of the most unique experiences musically I ever had.  Their tight guitar work, melodies and brass put forth a lot of different sounds to their music.  It’s slightly reminiscent of ska with the brass players, theres’ some occasional saxophone leads and the violin wraps up their wild sound.

A good amount of our prog nerds are most likely familiar with these guys, but in the event you aren’t we are totally in love with promoting this great band for all of May this year.  The guys are currently on tour with In The Presence Of Wolves (who are another totally rad prog band!) through the end of May.  Check out the dates below if they’re hitting up your neck of the woods! I guarantee the Jersey Boys will make it worth your while!




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