Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 5-2-19

Once again, we are back to promote a lot of new music for our followers to check out!  Check out this week’s batch of bands, in the hopes you haven’t heard of any of these groups yet.  Before you go any further, you may want to check out any past editions if you ever missed any right here.

Melodic death metal newcomers Ulfven  also blend a doom and slightly progressive style to their sound.  Their debut album “Folklore” was released earlier this year, and can listen to this beast below.  They’re a truly unique band that mixed all these styles together bringing you a great metal experience.  Their ferocious attack will keep you wanting more! Check out “Folklore” below!


This folk/melodic death metal band is really heavy and interesting.  I covered their album “Leviathan” last year and keep coming back to it when I want something different.  And different they are (that’s a good thing!).  Just like Ulfven, these guys are also Swedish.  Is it a coincidence some of the best metal comes from Sweden? Not really, because it’s true.  Check out “Leviathan” NOW!



These guys have one of the most obnoxious and long names, but don’t let that fool you.  Eximpertus brings a wild, heavy and sinister form of death metal you just don’t get that often.  This band drew me in with their extra dark form of death metal, and almost have a cinematic like sound to their songs.  Eximpertus won’t let you down, I guarantee you.  Check out some of their tunes below, as I can’t rehash their album names.


Graham Young is a truly great guitar player.  He’s melodic, proggy, jazzy and is also into fusion heavily as well.  My first experience was his latest album “A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man”.  He blends all these genres into one amazing adventure I’m sure a lot of you haven’t heard of yet.  Graham’s music is well written and structured.  He isn’t out to give a clinic, and is super versed in guitar trust me.  If you dig this, you can listen to a few of his albums below including the aforementioned “A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man”.


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