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Evilon- Leviathan




Melodic Death Metal/Folk Swedes Evilon are releasing “Leviathan” at the end of September on the 28th.  It’s full of melody and emotional singing (growled and sung, as expected). They would be a great candidate to tour with Enslaved, Opeth, Amon Amarth, and even Ihshan.

Leviathan track listing:

1. Eye Of The Storm
2. Sound Of The Tombs
3. Leviathan
4. Souldrainer
5. The King Of A Thousand Suns

6. In The Shadow Of My Grief
7. Welcome Home
8. The Sacred
9. Serpent eye
10. When The Leaves Are Falling


Kenneth Evstrand – Guitar/Choir
Jonny Sjödin – Guitar/Choir
Björn Wildjärn – Bass/Choir/Lead-Clean Vocals

Joel Sundell – Lead-Growling Vocals

Anders Hagen – Drums



What caught my ears with Evilon is how POLISHED they sound.  The melodies are great, the guitar work is concise and not overdone.  Their songs are well layered, not too technical yet kept a tech freak like myself entertained.  The celtic and nordic influence makes their songs even cooler. They’re a small band out of Sweden, and might be guessing it isn’t the greatest.  WRONG! There’s something in the water in that country that does absolutely nothing wrong when it comes to music.  I don’t know what, but there is something that makes musicians in that country so damn special…..we’ll find out what it is one day!

Need further convincing? The band released a lyric video for the title track “Leviathan”. Check it out!





Here is their debut 5 song EP.



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