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Xaemora- Pandemonium’s Ocean


Melodic Black Metal corpsepainters Xaemoria released this album Pandemonium’s Ocean a year ago, give or take last fall.  I was told they are working on a follow up to this beast for next year, so keep your ears open and eyes peeled schmucks.

As my mission statement says, I look for the original and obscure.  Black metal traditionally has shrieky ( I KNOW ITS NOT A WORD DAMNIT BUT IT IS IN MY VOCAB!) vocals, tremelo picked riffs on guitar and all sorts of blast beats on drums. BUT WAIT some black metal bands add more elements, like…MELODY! Is that enough to tickle your fancy? NO! Try some symphonic elements like strings and keys! HOLY SHIT REALLY?!?! A black metal band that adds out of the norm elements that aren’t traditional? Why yes! Emperor and Dissection gracefully did it….Oubliete (killer band, by the way) does it masterfully, as well.

Xaemora actually has a lot of melody and guitar leads in their work.  The arrangements are deeper and fuller than your normal black metal songs.  Not only is it enhanced in terms of your average black metal composition, but is also well produced.  I’m drawn to the genre for that garage sound and intensity, but it’s great to see bands like Xaemora who go against the norm and try something different. It’s blisteringly wonderful, with a side of guitar melodies and blast beats to accompany the guttural vocals.  It’s a killer album, and you definitely would be a tool to skip over Xaemora and not give them a chance. BECAUSE I FUCKING SAID SO!

Okay kids, go buy their album after you listen to it. That is if you’re not afraid of middle aged men in corpse paint.




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