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The Odious Construct launch “Shrine Of The Obscene” Lyric Video



Technical Melodic Death Metal shredders The Odious Construct are releasing their second EP “Shrine Of The Obscene” through their new record label The Artisan Era October 12th.    The guys recently released a lyric video for the title track.  I’ve already ripped through it and no lie it’s a million times better than their forceful self titled debut EP.  The symphonic and orchestral elements keep me coming back for more with this ridiculous band.  Don’t sleep on these guys, and their label.  Check out the single and preorder the EP!


Shrine of the Obscene
1. Vortex of Self
2. Descension
3. They Came Through the Mirrors
4. Cyanide Eyes
5. Shrine of the Obscene

The Odious Construct:

Casey Ryle – vocals
Wesley Yee – guitar
Ben Jackson – guitar
Sam Datu – bass
KC Brand – drums (The Ritual Aura)





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