Ashen Horde share “Profound Darkness” new album “Fallen Cathedrals” Out March 22nd

Progressive Blackened Death Metal Band Ashen Horde have dropped a new sound titled “Profound Darkness”.  It’s a raw black metal sound, WITH SOME SINGING! I haven’t heard Steve sing, and man he actually isn’t that bad! Kinda weird hearing a guy that’s growled and then he unleashes clean singing…..euphoric and surprising in the same vein.  Steve Boiser has been in Vale Of Pnath, is currently in InferiEquipoise, Tethys and also this project Ashen Horde.  Stevie boy is a busy dude! Let’s talk about the other half of this brilliant project Trevor Portz…..dude can riff like no other, and the drums are solid.  What I really dig is this isn’t a stereotypical black metal band….there’s some prog influences to break it up, if you’re not a big black metal fan.  Freshly signed to Mandol Records, I can’t wait to see what’s up with the guys. Shows? Better reach? I’m very interested in this project and curious to see where it goes.  Love the track, good job dudes! Don’t forget to support the band and preorder the album! Cheers!

Uncreated Light release “Eternal”

Blackened Death Metal band Uncreated Light have released a raging track “Eternal”.  It’s awfully aggressive, and oddly enough has some melody to it.  Melodic Blackened Death Metal? Who cares, these cats rip! The drumming is killer, and the vocals are so black metal shriek central.  It’s a great mix of extreme metal with melody I think these guys are gonna be an underdog band for years to come.  Check out the track and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Noise Trail Immersion- Symbology Of Shelter

Symbology of Shelter_Artwork


Black Metal/Mathcore crazies Noise Trail Immersion are releasing “Symbology Of Shelter” this Friday November 2nd.  And yeah, it’s absolutely crazy.  Blending mathcore and black metal is an unusual and unorthodox idea (hey, that’s what my website promotes!)….right? BUT, Noise Trail lmmersion gets it done.  The album is a chaotic, trippy ride through the realms of insanity.  There isn’t too much like these guys going around and it’s wild to hear something such as this.  It’s an insane experience with so much energy that doesn’t loosen it’s grip, ever.  You can feel the anxiety and insanity through Fabio’s voice on “Symbology Of Shelter”.  Immediately you can tell there is some sort of unrest on the band’s upcoming release.  The mood that Noise Trail Immersion sets makes the album that much better! It’s a great release in an age of watered down music.

Guitarist Daniele Vergine comments on the creation of Symbology of Shelter:

“With “Symbology Of Shelter” we tried to combine the ominous and misanthropic atmospheres of Dissonant Black Metal  with the chaotic and intricate structures of Mathcore with the intention to represent musically the concept of the inner crisis experienced by everyone’s conscious self, that uses “shelters” in various forms to satisfy a compelling and nefarious need to attach meanings to life.  The album takes the form of a 43 minutes long song (split in seven tracks), in order to take the listener into a non-stop journey in a dead-end vortex full of panic, anxiety, insanity and desperation.”


Symbology of Shelter:
01. Mirroring
02. Repulsion and Escapism I
03. Repulsion and Escapism II
04. Acrimonious
05. The Empty Earth I
06. The Empty Earth II
07. Symbology of Shelter

Noise Trail Immersion:
Fabio Rapetti – Vocals
Daniele Vergine (Occulta Veritas) – 8 string guitar
Nebil Jabnoun – 8 string guitar
Lorenzo Sirotto – Bass
Paolo Mingoni – Drums


The band partnered with Decibel Magazine to premiere their upcoming album and can listen to it in full right here.  I hope you enjoy this release as much as I did and put in your preorder for this album!

Noise Trail Immersion October 2018 Interview



I had an opportunity to talk with Noise Trail Immersion regarding their upcoming album, band habits, musical recommendations and other random topics. Their upcoming album “Symbology Of Shelter” is officially released November 2nd.  You can check out one song off that album “Mirroring” right here.  Enjoy!

Noise Trail Immersion:

Fabio – vocals
Nebil – guitar
Daniele – guitar
Lorenzo – bass
Paolo – drums

TMR: What do you think is your biggest improvement or best adjustment on your upcoming release “Symbology of Shelter” in comparison to your first two albums?
Compared to our first self-titled EP, we think that “Symbology of Shelter” is something completely different, both sonically and artistically. Compared to Womb, we’d say the basic approach is somehow similar, but with this new release we feel like the overall quality is higher, the songs flow better and the Mathcore/Black Metal influences are blended together more effectively. One of the main adjustments was centered on focusing on the writing process, trying to structure the album as a cohesive and homogeneous piece of work, rather than an ensemble of songs stylistically similar.
TMR: How was the band formed and what led to the meaning of your band name?
We’re just 5 guys who happened to hang out together in the same city, we like the same stuff music-wise and we are all very serious when it comes to having a band. This project is something very important to every member of the band and we dedicate to it almost all of our free time. The band name has no real meaning, they’re just three words we thought sounded good together and basically, that’s it!
TMR: Describe your original and unusually awesome sound.  What made you guys want to mesh black metal and crazy mathcore? Your music is incredibly intriguing and not like a lot out there right now.
Thank you very much! Well, We always felt like Mathcore and Black Metal are two worlds that are very distant from the point of view of their historic background and the general attitude that characterizes them, but we think a common thread can be found sonically in their will to create an extreme form of sound: we always thought that the dark, misanthropic and evil sound of Black Metal could match well the crazy and chaotic structures of Mathcore, so we started writing tracks that are chaotic and dissonant but at the same time heavily influenced from Black Metal especially in the vocals, in the chords and in the riffing.
TMR: What are the band’s plans for the rest of the year and going into 2019 outside of your new album? 
We’re going to promote the album as much as we can with both online PR and touring: we have already some gigs confirmed in Italy for the rest of 2018 and we’re starting to organize a 2019 European Tour together with a band we really love!
TMR: Go into detail about the lyrics and theme behind your upcoming release.
The lyrics of the album are kind of a stream of consciousness that revolves around concepts like the inner crisis experienced by everyone’s conscious self, that uses “shelters” in various forms to satisfy a compelling and nefarious need to attach meanings to life. The theme of man’s relationship with moral and religion is also very recurrent, as well as the impossibility to know an ultimate truth. In a certain way, and the artwork surely has a role in this, this new work can be seen philosophically as a prosecution of Womb, reprising the aesthetic of the feminine element but also the existential theme of questioning life in its entirety, starting by a different point of view though: the concept of shelters.
Symbology of Shelter_Artwork
TMR: Who do you want a play a show with you haven’t yet?
There are many bands we would love to play shows with of course, some of them are Plebeian Grandstand, Dodecahedron, Amia Venera Landscape, Ulcerate, Gorguts, Converge, Thantifaxath, Ion Dissonance, Artificial Brain, Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Celeste.
TMR: What are you guys listening to these days? Any up and coming bands you want to suggest?
We listen to as much different music as we can. In the metal field, we love the new wave of dissonant black metal/death metal and Blackened Hardcore of course, but we’re also following the Mathcore scene, as well as many Doom and Post-Metal bands. Apart from Metal and Hardcore, we like tons of other stuff, especially Ambient, Electronic, Neo/Dark Folk, Contemporary classical music, Math Rock, Noise Rock, and many other genres, especially the ones where more artists are into experimentation in general right now.  Some up and coming bands we suggest are Storm{o} (Mathcore/Screamo), Onryo (Mathcore/Tech-death), Convulsing (Black/Death), Soldat Hans (Doom/Post-Rock),  The Clearing Path (Black/Death), Mico (Mathcore/Sludge),  Un (Funeral Doom).
TMR: What’s your writing process like? How long did it take to put together “Symbology Of Shelter”?
Most of the times we start with some guitar ideas, a riff or maybe just some weird chord or sound that somehow we find interesting and that can “set the mood” for a track. In parallel, we start arranging the song with drums and bass on Guitar Pro software and that’s really when the song starts building more and more on itself and can take unexpected directions and changes from the original idea. This time, in particular, we worked very hard on constructing the album as one long track, eliminating clear transitions between one track and the following one and making the whole thing sound like a monolithic work.
TMR: How did the video for “Mirroring” go?
This time we didn’t want to do the usual playback video, the first thing we all agreed with was that we as a band didn’t want to appear in the video and then we started to think of something that could be visually appealing but also with an artistic sense that has a connection with the overall idea of the new album. So we had this idea of shooting footages in various churches of our hometown Turin and then doing a very frantic video editing work to match the mood of the track “Mirroring”.
TMR: What did you guys think of Frantic Fest and who was your favorite performance? You had legendary bands such as Hideous Divinity, Hirax, Enslaved, and Sadistic Intent included in that lineup.  
It surely was one of the best festivals we ever played at. The lineup was amazing, as well as the audience and all the kind people of the staff. Our favorite performance was probably the one from The Secret, they really smashed it.
TMR: Put together your dream tour, 4 bands only! Who do you got?
Plebeian Grandstand, Dodecahedron, The Secret, Ulcerate.
Noise Trail Immersion Logo

Noise Trail Immersion release “Mirroring” off upcoming album.

NTI 3.jpg

Mathcore group Noise Trail Immersion has released a single “Mirroring” from their upcoming release “Symbology Of Shelter”.  The chaotic musicians have created a wild, whacky and intense sound that leaves you wanting more.  The album is planned to drop on November 2nd through Moment Collapse Records.  “Mirroring” should be more than convincing enough to give these lads a chance.  The technicality, groove, extra dissonance and odd rhythms leaves you craving for much more.  Still sad about the mighty Dillinger Escape Plan hanging it up? Don’t worry people, that void is ready to be filled! Enjoy the song and freak the fuck out!



Symbology of Shelter_Artwork.jpg



Promethean- The Nameless Colour


Symphonic Blackened Death Metal extraordinaires Promethean released a new single yesterday “The Nameless Colour”.  The French lads are working on a follow up to their 2017 debut EP “Aloades” and released this banger of a track.  I personally love the melodic blackened/black metal movement.  It’s so out of the norm, and certain bands get it (like Xaemora!).  The strings & keys enhance the atmosphere of a frantic and chaotic song.  Promeathean is no exception to the dull side of black metal, and shouldn’t get this band lost in the shuffle. The guitar work is mind-blowing, as are the vocals that further intensify the track and Godart’s drumming can’t be ignored either.  It’s a phenomenal song that is shaping up to make their debut look like child’s play.  Check out the track below!


Nicolas Cardoso- Vocals
Matthieu Cardoso- Guitar
Gaëtan Marquer- Guitar
Léo Dieleman- Bass
Axel Hurard- Keyboards
Leo Godart- Drums

Xaemora- Pandemonium’s Ocean


Melodic Black Metal corpsepainters Xaemoria released this album Pandemonium’s Ocean a year ago, give or take last fall.  I was told they are working on a follow up to this beast for next year, so keep your ears open and eyes peeled schmucks.

As my mission statement says, I look for the original and obscure.  Black metal traditionally has shrieky ( I KNOW ITS NOT A WORD DAMNIT BUT IT IS IN MY VOCAB!) vocals, tremelo picked riffs on guitar and all sorts of blast beats on drums. BUT WAIT some black metal bands add more elements, like…MELODY! Is that enough to tickle your fancy? NO! Try some symphonic elements like strings and keys! HOLY SHIT REALLY?!?! A black metal band that adds out of the norm elements that aren’t traditional? Why yes! Emperor and Dissection gracefully did it….Oubliete (killer band, by the way) does it masterfully, as well.

Xaemora actually has a lot of melody and guitar leads in their work.  The arrangements are deeper and fuller than your normal black metal songs.  Not only is it enhanced in terms of your average black metal composition, but is also well produced.  I’m drawn to the genre for that garage sound and intensity, but it’s great to see bands like Xaemora who go against the norm and try something different. It’s blisteringly wonderful, with a side of guitar melodies and blast beats to accompany the guttural vocals.  It’s a killer album, and you definitely would be a tool to skip over Xaemora and not give them a chance. BECAUSE I FUCKING SAID SO!

Okay kids, go buy their album after you listen to it. That is if you’re not afraid of middle aged men in corpse paint.




Immortal- Northern Chaos Gods



Legendary Norwegian Black Metal band Immortal released their first full length album in almost a decade!  But, with a couple changes……we all know Demonaz was behind the scenes helping write the band’s music.  Now, he is back in the forefront as the guitarist and vocalist of the band.  In a recent interview Demonaz has stated he will be looking for a live guitarist and he will handle the vocals…..and play guitar whenever his hands feel good enough (knowing he had serious carpal tunnel issues and may occur occasionally).   Abbath was kicked out of the band after being with them since its inception (initially as a bassist, and then taking over on guitar and vocals when Demonaz bowed out when his issues persisted ).  With Abbath’s solo album released, that created an opportunity for Demonaz and Horgh to make an Immortal album.  In the same interview Demonaz also stated Abbath’s solo album was supposed to be Immortal’s next album but he used it for his own accord instead of Immortal.

I love Abbath….Immortal got me into black metal.  You can tell where I’m conflicted, right? I was in the group being very skeptical about not only the release but how Immortal would do shows.  Well, color me impressed.  The two spent a lot of time recording Northern Chaos Gods and is a great return.  It’s a heavy and grim album…nothing new you would expect from Immortal.  It has a classic Immortal sound….very raw and energetic.  Demonaz’s voice sounds amazing and is a chaotic frenzy reminiscent of his time in the band.  Peter Tagtgren played bass on the album and also recorded it.

Demonaz’s guitar skills are also up to par, to say the least.  There’s many great riffs, and melodic leads that spice up Immortal’s landmark album.  There’s no official news on a lineup (outside of Demonaz and Horgh) as far as an official bass player (Apollyn left Immortal to return to his band Aura Noir as a drummer) and how the live lineup will look as well.  In the meantime, pick up this great comeback album! It’s grim as fuck! Stay Trve!







Alterbeast/Inferi/Nyktomorph @ Stamps June 27 2018

Alterbeast, Inferi and Rivers of Nihil are conducting a nation wide tour in support of all three band’s releases with Nihil headlining.  Fortunately for us Western New Yorkers, the supporting bands booked an off date with local black metallers Nyktomorph opening up. A second local band was supposed to play but dropped off last minute.  iPhone quality photos, excuse my amateur status I hope you enjoy the article!


I think this was the band’s 3rd show? I saw their first show at the Rockin’ Buffalo, and they had a good performance.  As you can tell, they’re a 3 piece now they need a bass player. They’re going to start working on their full length during the summer, so you won’t see the band coming out of hibernation until the fall time I heard there’s a show sometime in September I think they’re playing.  They’re a black metal band, without all the getup.  I was impressed this time around as much as their first show……they’re dark and eerie like any black metal band, but there’s something I really dig about them I can’t put my finger on……It’s just heavy as fuck, and awesome. My colleagues in THE METAL were at the show and also took some video….




Next up were the Inferi dudes. When they took the stage, there was a confirmation their other guitar player Mike couldn’t make the tour for some vacation or something? But they’re continuing the tour as a 4 piece.  Both guitarists Malcom and Mike run their record label The Artisan Era together.  They’re continuously signing mind blowing tech bands including their own (Inferi and Oubliette).  Unfortunately the guys played a handful of songs even with a smaller bill with the other band cancelling….point is I still got to see one of the most overlooked technical death metal bands on the scene right now.  They’re all the way out in Nashville, so it made it easy to go to the show knowing they may or may not be back.  Their latest album “Revenant” is one of the best releases of the year without a doubt. The neoclassical elements and obnoxious guitar playing of the bearded wizard Malcom made it a very entertaining set.  The band’s first two albums are great, but the production wasn’t the greatest……Revenant is a well produced album and if you didn’t know they’re working on remastering and remixing their first two and putting them on vinyl!

If you somehow need further convincing you can check out the stream of Revenant right below here.


Here’s some great guitar work from Malcom himself…..I swear the dude is extremely underrated and if put on a larger level, he’d wow larger crowds. An inspiration for all guitarists, especially for a bum like myself!


Video clip of Inferi via The Metal:




Now for the main act…..Tech death thrashing Alterbeast.  Wow, their 2 albums do them no justice in comparison to their live show.  Now, if you know me I’m the laid back metalhead who doesn’t really mosh, protects the people who get thrown from the pit and constantly headbangs.  During Alterbeast though, they really energized the crowd and I felt the need to be a stereotypical metalhead.  I really like Alterbeast’s formula of fitting as much into a shorter song rather than the opposite of the band who played before them Inferi who have some bigger songs.  Their latest album doesn’t even hit the 40 minute mark! They’re quick, tech, and straight to the point.  The Californians put on one hell of a show and left me pumped full of adrenaline.


Here’s the stream of their latest album “Feast” which dropped earlier this year in February.  Buy it!


Video clip of ALTERBEAST via The Metal:


Overall, this was a killer show and for a measly $12 who wouldn’t want to see a lineup as killer as this? If it cost $30 I wouldn’t have felt ripped off, considering the talent that was put on display that evening. Next week Inanimate Existence pops (another great band like Inferi signed to Artisan Era!) with Last Of Lucy and Fields of Elysium at the same venue Stamps on July 3rd.  I’ll be there, so you can probably expect another article similar to this….and I have an obsession with Inanimate Existence, so it might be a bigger article.

Stay tech!



Woechanter 1.png


Woechanter is a blackened death metal project by Morgan Rider (Vocalist/Bassist of Vesperia).  Rider recently released the 4 song demo, and holy shit is it a banger.  Vesperia in comparison is a melodic and progressive death metal band.  Woechanter however, is more straightforward extreme metal.  It has some cool vocal choirs and acoustic guitars in the background that also give it a slightly folk metal sound at times.

It’s a very dark, groovy and melancholic trip through the 4 song effort. You can check out the 4 songs right here.


Woechanter is a furious and heavy project that has no boundaries.  It has a shit ton of groove to it, as well. I’m excited too see what’s next for Woechanter.

Woechanter’s biography states:

“WOECHANTER’s story began on a stormy winter night during January of 2017. The months of crushing cold and darkness provided ample atmosphere for the first song to be crafted. Canadian multi-instrumentalist and VESPERIA frontman Morgan Rider began to shape in those months of legendary Canadian winter what would become the first few steps of Canada’s newest extreme metal band.

As the world’s distances have shrunken in the wake of modern technology, quick was the coming of the band’s second collaborator: A German guitarist who prefers his anonymity while this project remains in session.

So will the first steps of this group be taken, so will the tread quicken pace and so will the chants and laments of this era be borne upon the primal flow of our utterings. Woechanter is a vicious display of death, black and doom metal blended without hindrance for modern trends or expectation.”


I’d say that’s pretty fucking accurate. Follow the band at their Facebook link right below here. Hails!