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Mörglbl Is Our June 2019 Artist Of The Month!

Mörglbl is TMR’S June Artist Of The Month this year! If you’re not familiar with these weirdos, well time to know these great artists.  I’m relatively new to this band, having only discovered them within the past year or two.  I love, love their odd sound.  They’re an instrumental band with some metal, rock, fusion and jazz influences that is all over the place.  There’s no consistency, its just….Mörglbl.  Like Primus, they’re unable to be categorized….it’s just flat out awesome.

The trio released an album this year surprisingly called “The Story of Scott Rötti”.  It was a nice surprise, as literally a handful of months before I discovered the band when I checked out “Tea Time For Punks”  They have the weirdest looking album covers, like literal things cut out of magazines and formed as an album cover. It also showcases the band’s personalities for sure. I love the artistry of the band and just writing whatever music they want to play.  Some songs heavier than others, some with more melody and some with more groove.  Nothing is the same, and literally every Mörglbl song is a new adventure.  Some songs are a bit jazzier, some kinda progressive and there’s definite heavy moments here and there.  Bands like these guys are what  we strive to promote and discover.

If you don’t know this band, this month is the time to catch up! Please join us on our Facebook page as we give you guys 30 tracks (one per day) to check out.  If you want to dive into their outstanding library of impressive music, please do!  That’s all we want for these monthly showcases.  Get this band out there, gain fans and spread the positive things of music.  Enjoy this kooky band!

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