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Mörglbl- The Story of Scott Rötti

The highly talented and entertaining Mörglbl have released their latest instrumental prog metal fusion masterpiece “The Story Of Scott Rötti”.  I first got into this band last year after listening to their latest album and went all downhill from there.  The trio is absolutely phenomenal and once again have put out a great album. Mörglbl’s weird sound is really captivating and interesting, because it’s so unusual.  The band is heavy enough to be considered metal, I guess.  But their spacey and psychedelic sounds make them a more diverse band than they already are.  The band’s album is streaming through Metal Sucks right now, and is an odd choice in my opinion because they promote metal…..and Mörglbl is MUCH more than a metal band.  Either way, I’m not complaining and glad they’re branching out!




Christophe Godin – guitar
Ivan Rougny – bass
Aurelien Ouzoulias – drums


Godin’s guitar talents are extremely underrated.  He is far from a shredder, and is a very melodic player when it comes to guitar solos.  Ivan and Aurelien lay down some sweet beats behind Christophe’s immense wall of guitar tracks.  Aurelien’s drumming is top notch, and really dig his diverse catalogue of styles he adds to Mörglbl.  Like many other great bands, this puppy will go under the radar big time.  But with this album premiere through Metal Sucks I hope it generates more interest in this great and unusual band.  If you dig bands like Panzerballet, then Mörglbl is calling your name! I highly suggest you pick up “The Story of Scott Rötti” (whoever Scott Rotti is and whatever his story is!) as soon as its released…..because TMR said so!örglbl-229471253757086/

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