Jean Chaumont- The Beauty Of Differences

Jean Chaumont released “The Beauty Of Differences” in 2018, so this isn’t a newer release so to say.  But, the artist is new to me….so I decided to dive into this jazzterpiece (yes I make up words and love it!).  The sound on this album is great…..another great curveball in music.  What do I mean by this? Jean uses an acoustic guitar, something not used as much in Jazz in comparison to the eclectic guitar (these days at least).  Wanna know something even cooler? All the proceeds of the album are donated to the nonprofit organization Villages in Partnership for the excavation of wells in the Sakata region of Malawi, Africa.  So if you love what you hear…..BUY IT jackwagons!

Lineup for “The Beauty Of Differences”:
MICHAEL BOND – piano & rhodes
IKE STURM – upright bass
SAM SADIGURSKY – saxophones tenor & soprano

TIERNEY SUTTON – vocals (Songs 1 & 4)
VINOD GNANARAJ – vocals (6)
JOHN HADFIELD – percussions (6)
ENOCH SMITH JR. – hammond organ (Songs 3, 6 & 7)


“The Beauty Of Differences” is an extremely impressive culmination of music.  What I really enjoy a lot is how wide the music is…..there aren’t too many instruments fighting for musical “space” in Chaumont’s songs.  There is room to breathe (musically) but still enough to keep junkies like me who love heavily layered music.  There’s different types of keyboards and organs, a few guest vocalists, upright instead of an electric bass, and a few different types of saxophones.  The drums are pretty smooth, and even occasionally there’s some wild fills on some of his songs.

It’s a jazz album that totally stands on its own musically, and is very flavorful.  The vocals were totally unexpected on those three tracks, but a nice surprise I have to admit. I’m personally used to instrumentalists in regards to the genre.  Both singers did a pretty stellar job with their extremely smooth voices I must say.  Are you already impressed with Jean’s writing and guitar playing? Fact: he produced the album, as well.  These sorts of artists I have tremendous respect for, who dip their hands in several areas of the music realms.

This album is full of soul and emotion, and am so glad I stumbled upon this record.  Chaumont and his plethora of guest musicians really kicked serious ass here.  The melodies here (especially on vocals) were extremely pleasant.  Give Jean a listen on the player below.  Cheers to a great album!


The Inner Urge Self Titled

Pennslyvania’s The Inner Urge released this album ironically almost a year ago, on March 25th of 2018. If I actually knew these guys a while ago, I’d have added this to my 2018 best of list. They’re not your typical instrumental band, which is something I think our followers will love.  They blend a plethora of sounds that work extremely well.  That laundry list include: jazz, ambience, psychedelic rock, fusion, prog rock, brass instruments,  keyboard, violin, saxophone, vibraphone and random percussive instruments.  There’s a lot more instrumental bands out there (especially in the jazz/fusion world, outside of instrumental metal and it’s many subgeneres) I think these guys stand out so much especially with a debut album.

They are super talented, nobody actually stands out and sure as heck don’t mean that in an insulting manner.  This is what I respect about certain bands.  Some are guitar heavy and written for guitar riffs, vocally focused, rhythmically focused or an instrumental band/guitarist (Vai/Satriani style) shred band.  The Inner Urge has put out an album that is COHESIVE, nobody hogs the spotlight and their impressive sound layering again is key to it all.  It’s super melodic whether its the saxophone taking a melodic lead, or guitar, or a cool xylophone the guys don’t overdo it with such a densely satisfying sound.  Of course a killer rhythm is section is what you need, and that is what their big backbone is.  If they didn’t click so well, I guarantee it’d be a mess of a sound.  Again fellow guitarists,  APPRECIATE A GREAT RHYTHM SECTION. I just admitted that, and I think you all can too.


Alex Price – Guitar/Violin
Andrew Koss – Bass/Saxophone
Jesse Griffith – Drums
Michael Garbett – Vibraphone/Percussion

Additional Live Musicians:
Nashwan Abdullah – Violin
Will King – Percussion
Josh Wertz – Tenor Saxophone
Matt Klumpp – Keyboard

The band has so many unique and unusual rhythms it’ll keep you grooving for years.  Jesse and Andrew are such a good choice on rhythm they feed off each other so well.  Drew’s fills on bass are so tasteful it’s like a perfectly cooked medium rare steak. Not hiding so far in the sound, but plays some great fills in the right spots that spice up their expansive sound.   The drums aren’t reserved by any means, and perfectly fits The Inner Urge’s sound.

Mike’s percussion and vibraphone adds more layer to their sound, which helps their songs out a whole lot.  It’s actually quite key (HAR, HAR) at some points in their songs and helps maintain the moods they aim for.  And well, what can I say about Alex? He also represents PRS as proven by that picture…..high five my friend! The young guy has a great future as a player no questions asked.  Playing on a clean channel (with some random added reverb, echo, delay and other slight additions) for a good part of the album is impressive.  He doesn’t play outside of his means, and clearly annunciates his melodies on guitar even the more subtle ones.  I think it also helps the 4 main members went to music schools.  Hell two of the members play on cruise ships and their vibraphone player drums on the Pittsburgh Steelers drum line! These young whipper snappers are music, they live and breathe it.

Listen to the self titled album below, and then buy it because pimpin ain’t easy.  If you live in the Northeast, check out their shows when they play.  I’m sure it’s a hoot.  I’ve heard this album about 8 times in the past week and have no shame in admitting that.  Great job, especially for a debut it’s awfully eye opening.  So excited for new music whenever their busy lives call for it.  Absolutely FLAWLESS job gentlemen.  Cheers!



Frank Gambale- Salve

If you’ve been with us for a while or see our description you’d see we do more than prog, tech metal and instrumental music…..I’ll admit I’ve bitten off a lot and generally get a lot of that submitted, let alone through e-mail mailing lists and I apologize….but this job isn’t easy.  I’ve done a few jazz and fusion articles, but haven’t tried hard ENOUGH.  So today, I’m going to try to change that…….and hopefully stick with it.  I love the genres, it’s originality and insane talents that come with it.  One big talent is the mighty jazz guitarist Frank Gambale  who released this stellar album last year that went off my radar.  So many releases, so much music…..only so much time.  I heard it in full a couple months ago, and put it back on today.

There’s lots of great jazz guitarists and some that also cross into the wild world of fusion. Older players like Gamble influenced lots of the progressive subgeneres (there’s a billion).  You have a lot of classic players like Holdsworth, McLaughlin and Al Di Meola  that broke all sorts of genre barriers catapulting these insane compositions.  Gamble though, is a more straightforward player who’s very melodic.  Fusion brings the whackiest ideas and compositions out of many artists, but that’s one reason I’ve dug his music….Frank is a straight up jazz player with lots of melody and feel.  He’s such a clean player he’s envied a lot of his fellow guitarists to the point they may want to chop his fingers off.  That’s a joke, nobody sure as heck would want that to happen.


“Salve” is a wonderful album with a lot of distinct guitar playing.  Gambale puts a lot of soul, heart and effort into his music.  He is a master of emotion when it comes to music, for sure.  2018’s release sure shows (in my humble opinion at least) Gambale still has it musically, and sure as heck isn’t declining by any means.  He had a female vocalist on some of these songs which adds a great texture in my opinion.  This genre innovator keeps putting out great music influencing a countless number of guitarists with every breathtaking performance and album.

His straightforward songwriting is a lot more accessible and easier to digest than some of the wild fusion guitar players.  There’s a lot of wild compositions out there that are totally whacky and out of the ordinary, but Gambale takes a simpler jazzy approach.  His style is a much needed change in the jazz and it’s multiple subgenres when you want something different.  “Salve” offers lots of cool synthesizer layers too, and some vocal harmonies here and there.  Soulmine is a newer adventure of his with these vocalists singing over his music.  I was initially interested in his tunes, and glad I stumbled across this new venture.  It’s just one more great piece of art to the legacy he began building in the 1980’s.


Consider The Source- You Are Literally A Metaphor

Well…..what can we say about Consider The Source that hasn’t been said already? To be fair, we only knew of them for a month or so before we caught them at Buffalo Iron Works on February 23rd……yeah, even with all their virtuosity they put on an energetic and jaw dropping show.  Check out our two videos below, if you want some proof.



This is just a small cut of what you can expect from this great trio, and their latest release “You Are Literally A Metaphor” that dropped on March 1st.  We have come across many solid instrumental bands since starting this site, but man these guys are taking the cake…..A studio performance of one of the songs from this album “Enemies Of Magick” convinced us to go to their show here in Buffalo a few weeks ago.

What really strikes me with this band is their complex nature AND diversity.  There’s lots of prog elements here…..the fretless guitar on a double necked beauty, which sounded great live by the way.  The bassist’s wild tapping, fills and robust talent that felt like he was also a rhythm guitarist! I just can’t get over how amazing the band is, and the drummer is equally as diverse who can play a lot of different styles that this trio calls for.


Gabriel Marin- Guitars

John Ferrara- Bass

Jeff Mann – Drums and Percussion

Bands like Consider The Source are what we are looking to promote on our website….there’s not literally one band that sounds like them, in any shape or capacity.  There’s also a lot of European (specifically Mediterranean, Eastern European and Middle Eastern) sound and melody in their music, on top of some jazzy and progressive sections.  They’re so unique, you can’t label them as much as I hate labeling band’s sounds but you have to describe music somehow…..I guess? They’re like Primus, in that vein…..but a billion times more talented, diverse and eclectic.  They blend so many sounds and influences its extremely tough to pick  something out of a hat, so you just call them by their band name.




I often find myself bored with a lot of instrumental bands, primarily because I feel that they’re lacking substance that vocals, for me, would normally fill. But all it took was a couple minutes of that 10+ minute video for me to realize that I’d have to be stupid to not check these guys out. But I was still on the fence about checking them out live. And I eventually reminded myself that you only live once, and sleep is for the weak. 

I can say, without question, that Consider the Source put on one of the most impressive acts I’ve seen in my tenure of going out to shows. Their musicianship is absolutely otherworldly. It was tough for me to choose who I wanted to watch; it’s pretty easy to miss one of the other dudes doing something spectacular while you’re watching the third one do something equally spectacular. 

The day after their show, I spent my morning immersing myself in their discography. It boasts over six hours of music that will take you on the craziest roller coaster you could ever imagine to be on. I am enamored by the complexity, variety and the heavy Eastern European and Indian influences. And with titles like “You Won a Goat!”, “Blue Steel”, and “White People Problems”, we’re reminded that a little sense of humor goes a long way. Even the best of musicians don’t take everything so seriously, and I think there’s something to learn from there. 

“You Are Literally A Metaphor” is a continued dominance of their previous works and sound.  Gabriel, John and Jeff are so tight it’s nuts. This may be some of the most demanding music I have heard yet in my short life…..Consider The Source isn’t another modern rock band, they set themselves apart from a lot of bands and genres of music.  They TOTALLY have created another genre of music that isn’t out to imitate anyone…..but is the band themselves. Gabriel’s wild melodies on guitar and John’s wild bass playing are extremely prevalent on my favorite track ‘They Call Him The Smiling Assassin”.  There’s so many sounds that go into this band every song is legitimately different and have new surprises.  Jeff Mann does so much on drums he can play about anything, anytime anywhere.  Whether its a fusion or jazz section, or even something electronically he has it all…..even the bongos.  The trio has a unique and awfully impressive chemistry.

These guys aren’t on a label, so your support means so much more than it does for your average band.  Plus, if they were they would be forced to write “catchy” and “appealing” music that would kill the band and their creativity.  You can listen to the album below, and check out their other albums that came out before “You Are Literally A Metaphor”. There are CD’S available and even vinyl as well.

We’ve been sleeping on these dudes for a decade, and we think you should learn from our mistakes. Check these guys out, you won’t be disappointed. 

Bruteus- Anthem

Bruteus is an instrumental prog/fusion trio from North Carolina who released this album “Anthem” last year in November.  The trio will give you something new to listen to and try with their wide and expanded sound.  They have a lot of influence from many eras between jazz fusion, pop, progressive rock and classic rock they’ll leave you guessing with all their mood changes and sound changes.  There’s a lot of psychadelic melodies in here that’ll leave you drifting away…..metaphorically, not literally.   The band takes a mature and melodic with their sophomore release (their first album was released in 2016).  Our followers will love this band if you liked bands we’ve recently covered such as Tortoise Forest and Desert Of The Real.


The guitar work is absolutely stellar.  I really like the drummer, he keeps a consistent groove but can surprise you with some sweet fills.  The bassist is very tasty, and adds a lot to the rhythm when there’s guitar solos, keeps the music very fresh.  I appreciate the fact they focus on song structure, and have good structures at that.  In these genres, it can get too “wankish” or sounds like a few great musicians are just practicing not paying any mind that its a song and not freeform jamming.  Old prog heads and newcomers will definitely dig Bruteus, as their sound is expansive enough to draw in all sorts of ages and crowds to their cool sound.  If you wanna try something out of the norm Bruteus will be a good place to start! We all get in a lull looking for new music, and why not try this band out?  Check out the album below, and head over to their band camp to listen to their first album….and more importantly buy their music!

Mörglbl- The Story of Scott Rötti

The highly talented and entertaining Mörglbl have released their latest instrumental prog metal fusion masterpiece “The Story Of Scott Rötti”.  I first got into this band last year after listening to their latest album and went all downhill from there.  The trio is absolutely phenomenal and once again have put out a great album. Mörglbl’s weird sound is really captivating and interesting, because it’s so unusual.  The band is heavy enough to be considered metal, I guess.  But their spacey and psychedelic sounds make them a more diverse band than they already are.  The band’s album is streaming through Metal Sucks right now, and is an odd choice in my opinion because they promote metal…..and Mörglbl is MUCH more than a metal band.  Either way, I’m not complaining and glad they’re branching out!




Christophe Godin – guitar
Ivan Rougny – bass
Aurelien Ouzoulias – drums


Godin’s guitar talents are extremely underrated.  He is far from a shredder, and is a very melodic player when it comes to guitar solos.  Ivan and Aurelien lay down some sweet beats behind Christophe’s immense wall of guitar tracks.  Aurelien’s drumming is top notch, and really dig his diverse catalogue of styles he adds to Mörglbl.  Like many other great bands, this puppy will go under the radar big time.  But with this album premiere through Metal Sucks I hope it generates more interest in this great and unusual band.  If you dig bands like Panzerballet, then Mörglbl is calling your name! I highly suggest you pick up “The Story of Scott Rötti” (whoever Scott Rotti is and whatever his story is!) as soon as its released…..because TMR said so!örglbl-229471253757086/

Ad Astra Self Titled Album


Instrumental Progressive Fusion band Ad Astra dropped their self titled album and I’m here to blabber all about it! The guys have put out a more than stellar output, to be honest with you all.  The guitar work is absolutely brilliant, and does what it has to do…..some fusion guitarists just aimlessly noodle (like technical death metal occasionally, too) without a good song structure.  Well, I’m relieved to say Ad Astra goes against that generalization big time.  The band has worked together to create compositions, not just a band aimlessly playing their instrument.  There’s great melody, sweet keyboard work as well, and some killer rhythms.


The drummer holds a solid and steady output on the kit, while maintaining great flavor in the recipe of Ad Astra’s music.  The bassist holds a fine steady rhythm, and is totally locked in with the drummer’s parts. He also has some sweet fills, that compliment when the keys and guitar when they have leads and vice versa. The mood is ever so relevant in the band’s album. Considering how laid back their sound can be and then bust out of nowhere like a bat out of hell.  I really dig what these guys are doing, and have clearly thought their music.  Head over to their website to check out more on the band, their music, and upcoming shows.  While you’re there, grab a physical copy of this album! I might just do the same!


Short Attention Span Theatre


The weird Progressive/Funk/Metal/Experimental band Short Attention Span Theatre bring a much needed and fresh sound to our local Western New York music scene.  Music is watered down these days, and it’s cool to see weirder and more artistic bands slowly come out of the woodworks.  These cats draw heavy influence from classic and modern progressive bands.  They’re very quirky like Protest The Hero and Dillinger Escape Plan….are they THAT good? That’s up for the listeners to decide, but I think they’re pretty good no matter what.

If you don’t know the band’s rhythm section (Gus on bass and Kenny of Avulsion on drums) make up a great instrumental band I absolutely love from our beloved Buffalo area Ish Kabibble.  I’m a sucker for these bands, if you know me well enough….SAST is not a one trick pony and bring lots of versatility and talent to the drawing board.


Ryan Mis- Vocals
Gordon Carlson- Guitar
Augustin Brand- Bass
Kenny Brand- Drums


Ryan’s voice is so pure, and can also fake you out with such a low guttural you wouldn’t think someone could get down that low for a guy that has a higher range.  Its wildly impressive, to be honest.  Gordon’s guitar work is all over the place, but is pretty sweet for the Primus fan in me. I think he has a lot of those weird ‘Ler guitar movements on his leads if you know what I mean.  I don’t need to say anymore on the greatness of the Brand father and son combo, they’re aliens from another multiverse. It’s well documented in their band, and now in here with Short Attention Span Theatre.  If you remember Avulsion from back in the day, Daddy Brand used to do some serious blasting for the Buffalo Death Metal heroes. You can check out the band’s wild musical adventures on their band camp and see when they will play out next by stalking their Facebook page.

A Noveslit reveal new song “Apparitions”


Progressive Death Metal Duo A Novelist just released another song from their second album “Folie” with another great song titled “Apparitions”.  The band’s album can be pre-ordered right here.  It will be out February 8th.  Check out the song right below here and you will see why I’m in love with the album, and band as well.  They grow on you more and more every time you listen to them.  And yes, “Folie” is a great album with many unexpected turns and sweet twists during its mighty journey.  I urge you all to pre-order. Enjoy the song folks!

Mörglbl- Tea Time For Punks



Hot dang. I recently discovered this weird and very enjoyable band this past week. This instrumental jazz fusion metal trio just blows the roof off of everything.  Either you have the talent to go with solid songwriting in the weird fusion realms……or you’re just flat out talented and can run a musical clinic, with terrible song structure. Fortunately, these guys can write great songs, and be as unusual as they want.  Mörglbl released this album “Tea Time For Punks” a few years ago in 2015.  The kooky french trio DOES have good news and is releasing ” The Story Of Scott Rötti” February 1st.

Here’s some sweet soulful weird shit for y’all. 



Christophe Godin- Guitar
Ivan Rougny- Bass
Aurelien Ouzoulias- Drums

Mörglbl’s sound is so fresh and unique I can’t tell you all how excited I am for their upcoming album release.  2019 should be a wild ass year for new music as well.  I can’t say enough about this cool band…..Chris’s guitar work is so intricate, smooth and clean.  The band’s sound shifts so often, it’s absolutely tough to keep track of it all.  One moment it’s jazzy, then the next section they unleash some instrumental prog metal insanity.  He can’t do it all unless you have a killer rhythm section, which Ivan and Aurelien masterfully supply.  Check out Mörglbl right now!örglbl-229471253757086/