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Jean Chaumont- The Beauty Of Differences

Jean Chaumont released “The Beauty Of Differences” in 2018, so this isn’t a newer release so to say.  But, the artist is new to me….so I decided to dive into this jazzterpiece (yes I make up words and love it!).  The sound on this album is great…..another great curveball in music.  What do I mean by this? Jean uses an acoustic guitar, something not used as much in Jazz in comparison to the eclectic guitar (these days at least).  Wanna know something even cooler? All the proceeds of the album are donated to the nonprofit organization Villages in Partnership for the excavation of wells in the Sakata region of Malawi, Africa.  So if you love what you hear…..BUY IT jackwagons!

Lineup for “The Beauty Of Differences”:
MICHAEL BOND – piano & rhodes
IKE STURM – upright bass
SAM SADIGURSKY – saxophones tenor & soprano

TIERNEY SUTTON – vocals (Songs 1 & 4)
VINOD GNANARAJ – vocals (6)
JOHN HADFIELD – percussions (6)
ENOCH SMITH JR. – hammond organ (Songs 3, 6 & 7)


“The Beauty Of Differences” is an extremely impressive culmination of music.  What I really enjoy a lot is how wide the music is…..there aren’t too many instruments fighting for musical “space” in Chaumont’s songs.  There is room to breathe (musically) but still enough to keep junkies like me who love heavily layered music.  There’s different types of keyboards and organs, a few guest vocalists, upright instead of an electric bass, and a few different types of saxophones.  The drums are pretty smooth, and even occasionally there’s some wild fills on some of his songs.

It’s a jazz album that totally stands on its own musically, and is very flavorful.  The vocals were totally unexpected on those three tracks, but a nice surprise I have to admit. I’m personally used to instrumentalists in regards to the genre.  Both singers did a pretty stellar job with their extremely smooth voices I must say.  Are you already impressed with Jean’s writing and guitar playing? Fact: he produced the album, as well.  These sorts of artists I have tremendous respect for, who dip their hands in several areas of the music realms.

This album is full of soul and emotion, and am so glad I stumbled upon this record.  Chaumont and his plethora of guest musicians really kicked serious ass here.  The melodies here (especially on vocals) were extremely pleasant.  Give Jean a listen on the player below.  Cheers to a great album!

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