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Target- Deep Water Flames

Target put out “Deep Water Flames”at the end of January and I’ve given it some time to sink in.  They’re a death metal band with lots of groove, like that Meshuggah and Gojira kinda groove if you know what I mean.  They’re a very cool band more people should familiarize themselves with and hopefully this is a good start.  The guitar riffs are absolutely relentless and extremely varied.  Oh…..and that artwork…..SO COOL RIGHT? It’s like a burning Death Star, Star Wars fans.  It perfectly sets up a creepy mood the moment you look at the album art.  Really, really cool!

“Deep Water Flames” is a sonically heavy experience not every band can provide.  The absolutely punishing drums and bass really help this album take off.  Most notably, that is extremely effective in the outro of “Random Waves”.  Listen and find out, folks! 😉




Luis Soto – Guitars

Andrés Piña – Vocals

Rodrigo Arias – Drums

Rodrigo Castro – Bass

The vocals are absolutely great.  Very up front, emotional and powerful.  This band has a stellar chemistry and it shows big time.  Target would be a good choice for someone who is stuck in a musical discovery rut.  Not really too technical to throw someone off, but the groovy rhythms they provide will surely get people tapping their foot.  Show them Target and challenge them NOT to start a pit.  Just saying.  Check out “Deep Water Flames” below, if you dare.

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