Target- Deep Water Flames

Target put out “Deep Water Flames”at the end of January and I’ve given it some time to sink in.  They’re a death metal band with lots of groove, like that Meshuggah and Gojira kinda groove if you know what I mean.  They’re a very cool band more people should familiarize themselves with and hopefully this is a good start.  The guitar riffs are absolutely relentless and extremely varied.  Oh…..and that artwork…..SO COOL RIGHT? It’s like a burning Death Star, Star Wars fans.  It perfectly sets up a creepy mood the moment you look at the album art.  Really, really cool!

“Deep Water Flames” is a sonically heavy experience not every band can provide.  The absolutely punishing drums and bass really help this album take off.  Most notably, that is extremely effective in the outro of “Random Waves”.  Listen and find out, folks! 😉




Luis Soto – Guitars

Andrés Piña – Vocals

Rodrigo Arias – Drums

Rodrigo Castro – Bass

The vocals are absolutely great.  Very up front, emotional and powerful.  This band has a stellar chemistry and it shows big time.  Target would be a good choice for someone who is stuck in a musical discovery rut.  Not really too technical to throw someone off, but the groovy rhythms they provide will surely get people tapping their foot.  Show them Target and challenge them NOT to start a pit.  Just saying.  Check out “Deep Water Flames” below, if you dare.


WEK- Mystery

WEK is an instrumental progressive metal project by Kevin Oper.  WEK is a totally different beast than other instrumental bands who just shred, and his music is more varied.  It’s much more atmospheric and melodic, adding a lot more layers to the songs than most instrumental bands.  The speeds aren’t consistent either, making the music a lot more engaging and not very predictable.  There’s definitely some quick riffs, and just as many slower groovy riffs that just drive home the beautiful melodies Oper has constructed.

“Mystery” was released on the 22nd of February and a couple times through this album and I’m still digging it.  It’s the sort of album that you enjoy the first time around, then the next few listens you start to understand it more and also appreciate the atmosphere and moods Oper created.  WEK is truly a melodic and emotional experience that not many instrumental bands can offer, and that has surely happened here.



The rhythms are pretty solid and engaging on “Mystery”.  It’s a fresh take on instrumental music with the extra melodies and synth that widen the sound, rather than a smaller generalized sound.  If you catch my drift, you can buy the album on his bandcamp website right here.  Happy shredding, melodic prog instrumental lovers!

Trayen Burke releases “Supernova”

Guitarist Trayen Burke has released yet another stellar song from his newfound solo project.  If you didn’t hear the first song “Gravity” you can check it out here.  The new song “Supernova” is extra melodic in comparison to his first single, and a lot more atmospheric as well.  The more you dig into this guy’s library, you see his potential.  While his main band Constructs is taking a nap (hopefully working on new music) Trayen’s shredly jams will surely tickle your instrumental fancy.  Give him a listen if you like modern progressive music with some electronics. For some of that awesome groove, melody and shreddies listen to this beautifully crafted song right below.  Give me some of that djent with some more djent on the side please.

Hybridism Self Titled EP

Instrumental djenters Hybridism have released their debut EP last week.  The band brings a lot more to their sound than just being heavy.  In the new era of metal where extended range guitars of 7+ strings tend to be of larger use to the younger crowd, a lot of those bands tend to have the same rhythms and ideas to an extent.  I’m glad to report these guys are far from that.  They’re artistic, melodic, and solid composers especially for a debut EP.  I heard lots of great melodies paired with their dynamic rhythms, some more subtle than others that stuck out more.  The fluent guitar is one big aspect that drew me in.  All the licks man, all the licks. The feeling in the guitar leads is really worthy of repeating. Lots of players tend to get lost in speed and forget about putting emotion and mood into their guitar work.



Guitars – Jeffrey Wallace
Guitars – Alex Kpp
Bass Guitar – Mulli Mulles
Drums – Lucas Billon


The band’s empowering rhythm section really drives their sound.  Jeff and Alex are stellar guitarists, but are lucky to have a stellar drummer and bassist to keep them on point.  Hybridism has that laid back western USA Animals As Leaders vibe, which isn’t a bad thing by any means.  If you aren’t really into the genre, try these guys out for size.  They’re not your stereotypical djent metal band, and they’re instrumental to boot if you’re not one for an aggressive vocal set.  They pack a lot of atmosphere into there sound, and a little bit of synth too.  Hybridism has a fairly expansive sound, and brings that wall of sound directly to those ears of yours.




Hybridism is really a good band, and in my opinion is off to a great start in their short existence with their self titled debut EP.  Check it out below and if you live within the realms of Belgium what is there to lose? Go check them out live!

Trayen Burke releases single “Gravity”

Constructs guitarist Trayen Burke has gone on his own adventure while his mainstay is recording a follow up to their EP “Shapes”.  He has been hinting at working on his own music and this GLORIOUS track dropped, and absolutely love it.  Constructs is an instrumental djent band, inspired by heavier atmospheric layers and melody.  But what I dig about Burke’s sound (based off one song) is it’s a bit more technical, and just as heavy as Constructs… it isn’t exactly the same.  Give your ears something different, tasty, heavy and soulful. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like that’s Jared from Rivers Of Nihil on drums? Maybe my eyes are deceiving me? If “Gravity” is a sign of things to come, then wow……we’re in for a treat. If Constructs releases new music this year we will have two great releases from Trayen! Check out the awesome song below and pay attention to both of his projects!