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Meshuggah- Immutable

The mighty Meshuggah is releasing their first album in years “Immutable” this Friday April 1st. I think a good amount of metalheads know their history “Obzen” will always be my favorite release along with “Chaosphere” and “The Violent Sleep Of Reason” (their last release all the way back in 2016). It’s everything you expect from the extended range, 8 string metallers and then some. There’s a good amount of melody, dissonance and nasty riffs on “Immutable”. It’s definitely less weird and “out there” compared to past releases and I think is a lot more straight to the point. I’m not saying they’re going to headline pop festivals they’re still heavy but I think they’re refining their sound. Not too many longer songs outside of their usual 5-6 minute mark one over 9 minutes.

It’s a very good album with good production in a library full of impressive releases. It isn’t their best as we know what albums of theirs take that crown, but it’s a band that knows what they want to write and did it. This is definitely an album you can show Meshuggah newcomers that aren’t familiar with their dissonant, heavy, occasionally atmospheric sound that does have some catchy moments. Everyone knows they are masters of rhythm and if youre obessesed with guitar leads this album is not for you. Yes they are melodic lines, guitar solos and the such but the band focuses on songwriting in general. I enjoyed “Immutable” and think its in the top handful of releases in their extended library, and I think i’ll enjoy it the more i listen to it. The rhythms, drum work and the such are such a treat as usual. Jens’ voice sounds spectacular as expected and wasn’t bored the first time I went through the album. In fact I’m gonna spin it a few more times especially on release day!

Unfortunately my only gripe with “Immutable” is the artwork. There’s plenty of bands album covers and concepts I love and adore, and Meshuggah has always had great looking pieces. I feel it’s kind of cheap, uninspired and a weird looking ripoff of a “Terminator” concept. It doesn’t really vibe with me and wish they had another “Obzen” influenced cover or something like “Contradictions Collapse” or”Chaosphere”. Visuals are still important in music in 2022 and this is the only thing I don’t enjoy about their upcoming release. It pains me to say it but a band with a history filled of cool looking album covers this fell short for me. If you dig it, good for you!

If you are an even bigger fan of the band, you might be on the mend for”Immutable”. As a fan who consistently listens to them but arent my #1 I think its a well written record. Some of the atmospheric, dissonant stuff in the album was very “Obzen” influenced and I think it’s’ an updated version similar to that landmark modern metal release. It also should be noted Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry isnt in the band anymore and toured with them for the last handful of years. He wasn’t a part of the creative process as far as I know and Thordendal is on guitar duties with Martin.

Don’t forget to check out the album when it drops Friday on Atomic Fire Records it’s filled with bangers and real good grooves. I definitely believe it’s one of their better modern releases and flows very well. It’s safe to say they are comfortable with their sound and it really shows here. I feel beyond honored and privileged to do what I do listening to albums like this before they drop. I felt the same with Black Crown Initiate’s latest release “VIolent Portraits Of Doomed Escape” as they’re one of my favorite newer bands. The same can be said for the latest Aborted album as well. This isn’t a paying gig yet, but to help promote these albums before they release is a huge honor as a fellow artist myself I understand creating hype and promotion. They have nothing left to prove in my opinion and am glad they are still around kicking our ass.

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