Official Playthrough Premiere Of Caveat “Ghost”

We haven’t had one in a while but we have a premiere of Canadian Progressive Metal band Caveat with their song “Ghost” full band playthrough! If you like a mix of prog, metal, soaring vocals and some growls here and there this song will knock our socks off like it did mine. The album this taken off was released last month “Alchemy” is just as chaotic and fun as the song you’re about to experience. After checking this out I got to the rest of the album and was an immediate fan. The difference between male growls and females singing really intrigues me and works well for Caveat.

The band has this to say about the song:

This was the last song that was written for this album & is probably the best indication of what is to come for future Caveat music. This is probably the most progressive song on the album, with twist & turns galore. The lyrics deal with trying to overcome your personal demons that keep pulling you down the rabbit hole into depression & personal turmoil. Kind of like a ghost that haunts you that no one else can see or feel but you.

Check out the video below if this band tickles your fancy! We hope you enjoy this playthrough and check out Caveat’s other releases as well!



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