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Hath – All That Was Promised (Willowtip, 2022)

Hath is back! This quartet just dropped their second full-length album, full of evil riffs, vocals that sound like bestial incantations, and easily the greatest drum performance in blackened death metal that I’ve ever heard.

Album art by Adam Burke

I don’t know what exactly was promised (haha lol fuckin funny joke), but this album lives up to its title and delivers it all. With a runtime of around 52 minutes, you can hear Hath play everything from brooding, moody black metal sections to chunky riffs ready to push you through your next deadlift set.

Hath reminds me of a few bands – Behemoth, (early) Rivers of Nihil, Immolation, and even Revocation – but they don’t sound like exactly any of these bands. These Jersey boys are wrapping their version of blackened death metal in something spicier than most others. They have catchy riffs (that section in Iosis after the clean build-up is fuckin’ *chef’s kiss*), they have this certain anger present in every fiber of their sound, and they most importantly have the songwriting chops to back it up. It’s not often you’ll catch me listening to 6-minute-long metal tracks, but this album is an entire exception. Every song feels like a story is being told, even without the lyrics in front of me.

I can’t even write more, I need to go give this album my full attention for a 30th listen. Check this out, buy it, and support these dudes. It’s worth it.


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