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Xenosis is the March 2022 Artist Of The Month!

Progressive Death Metal band Xenosis is our website’s March 2022 Artist Of The Month! “Devour And Birth” got me hooked on the band a few years ago when it released in 2018. They topped that effort last year with “Paralleled Existence” with kookier writing and a slight black metal influence. The band combines progressive elements with extreme metal (as a small amount of black metal) in their adventurous efforts.

They have flown under the radar in their short existence with their 3 releases and am very excited for what they have coming up next. There’s some dissonance as well, and plenty of good melody. Xenosis has the tools for a stellar prog death band and are only going to get better from here on out. Check in daily for your Xenosis material that will surely blow your mind!

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