Category: Blackened Death Metal

Dead And Dripping- Blackened Cerebral Rifts

One man wrecking crew Dead And Dripping is releasing their most furious and intense effort yet “Blackened Cerebral Rifts” August 11th on Transcending Obscurity Records. Funny enough I thought it said Blackened Cereal Riffs for a millisecond until I reread the album title, meme away if you must. […]

Enslaved- Heimdal

Enslaved is releasing their sixteenth (yes that IS true!) effort “Heimdal” this Friday March 3rd through Nuclear Blast. I’m in the camp of how good this band has become with age and enjoy each release more and more. Sure I love the younger days of how heavy they […]

Belphegor- The Devils

One of my favorites in extreme metal the legendary Belphegor dropped their latest studio album “The Devils” yesterday July 29th. Like a fine wine they have aged gracefully this being their 12th release and their newer releases from the last decade or so still hold up well. The […]

Dave’s 2019 Recap

Hey guys! I’m back yet again with my best of 2019 article! I’ve added some more categories yet again, so this will even further expand from 2018.  Another reminder THERE IS NO ORDER, I JUST JOTTED DOWN WHAT I LOVED THIS YEAR.  I doubt many people will even pay […]