Category: Blackened Death Metal

Immanifest announce new album “Macrobial”

Symphonic blackened death metal outfit Immanifest are releasing their debut album “Macrobial” on November 8th through the Artisan Era.  The band also posted a teaser video today as well, new songs are pending so hold onto your arse.  The upcoming album is their first release since the 2010 EP “Qliphotic”. […]


Unburnt- Arcane Evolution

Unburnt is releasing their EP “Arcane Evolution” today August 16th.  One of the better parts of the band who brings it all together is vocalist Eric Burnet.  The band brings a really fresh sound to the blackened death metal genre.  They’re a straightforward project who doesn’t hide behind anything and leaves […]

Unbowed release “Home”

Unbowed has released another single titled “Home”.  You can listen to their previous single  “The Athem Of I” at this link to get up to par with their new(er) releases.  They impressed me mightily at the show with First Fragment with their plethora of many sounds I kept tabs on them.  They’re […]