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Dead And Dripping- Blackened Cerebral Rifts

One man wrecking crew Dead And Dripping is releasing their most furious and intense effort yet “Blackened Cerebral Rifts” August 11th on Transcending Obscurity Records. Funny enough I thought it said Blackened Cereal Riffs for a millisecond until I reread the album title, meme away if you must. I’ve been a fan of Evan Daniele (the man behind it all) since the debut in 2020 “Profane Verses Of Murdered Rhetoric”. The first two releases were solid grabbing my attention. The sophomore effort the following year in 2021 “Miasmic Eulogies Predicting an Eternal Nocturne” was a nice improvement but this upcoming is his finest hour to date.

With even more menacing riffs, classic frog-like Demilich vocals, pummeling rhythm and another amazing album cover. Speaking of the album art, it was done by Jason Wayne Barnett. Fantastic job! Dead and Dripping is ready to blow some minds with this release. It packs a lot of punch older fans can enjoy but with a slight modern take on the genre. TO releases some of the best extreme metal these days and this is just another proof of that fact. It’s brutal, a bit technical and a bit dissonant scratching a lot of itches for the sub genre dorks out there. Clocking in at 45 minutes its more than enough for your death metal record, but sprinkles in some cool surprises to keep the listener engaged. “Blackened Cerebral Rifts” takes no prisoners and is set out to assault your ears with it’s’ cosmic brutality.

Why should you be interested in Dead And Dripping? Well there’s two songs released ahead of it’s release that will certainly entertain you. Also, you can check out the first two releases I mentioned earlier in this review for further reference. Either way, I personally love this project and on the third release it’s come full circle. It hits on every level creating a unique death metal experience not many bands offer.

There’s a lot of one person bands these days but Dead and Dripping continues to be one of the best in that category. This upcoming release proves so, and you absolutely need to check this out when it drops. Pre orders are still live at TO Records and should jump on something if you like the nasty artwork. Again, this monster is officially out on Friday August 11th DO NOT HESITATE!

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