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Stortregn is our August 2023 Artist Of The Month!

Stortregn is our featured Artist of the month for August 2023! They are an eclectic, original and unusual melodic tech death/blackened metal band with a lot of twists and turns. In a stale era (for the most part) of tech death, Stortregn strives to stray away from the pack and sounds unique. A lot of technical death metal bands are for show and tell, compositionally speaking. A lot use the same orchestra/keyboard/synth patches and sound and it kinda gets old sooner than later. Stortregn on the other hand keeps it fresh and interesting.

Their upcoming album “Finitude” is out October 13th and will be released on The Artisan Era. A new single has been released already that is building up to be one of my favorite songs of theirs. It’s super unique and unusual, kind of what to expect from Stortregn. “Finitude” will be the band’s sixth album (seventh if you count the EP from the late 2000’s). I do this to try to gain traffic for said band or artist and have been shocked to say the least they don’t have more of a following. They’re super talented, bring fresh musical ideas to the table and a very pleasurable listen to say the least. All while keeping it heavy, which is impressive. We will be posting a Stortregn song daily on our facebook page for your listening pleasure this month. If you don’t know Stortregn this is a vehicle for you to discover a great band!

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