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VoidCeremony- Threads Of Unknowing

VoidCeremony is releasing their album “Threads Of Unknowing” on 20 Buck Spin (the best death metal label out there by the way) on April 14th. If you don’t know my taste, I’m picky with black metal. Some raw stuff is good, sometimes its better off being produced in a modern sense. It generally bores me and pass over the genre usually….BUT when death metal is mixed in it’s more palatable for myself. Their 2020 release is my favorite of theirs so far “Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel”. It’s a nice 6 song package at a bit over a half hour, then this promo came and after checking out the two singles I had to dive into this monster. The last track is an 11 minute behemoth on this upcoming release, to boot.

It’s an interesting and smooth flowing release with some atmospheric touches and a great vocal blend of both genres. After my first run through of the album I think it’s safe to say this is their best one yet. Their 2022 EP “At The Periphery Of Human Realms” was a 3 song tease to wet our appetites until this glorious day arrived. I am pleased with how well this album turned out overall. Can we talk about how fucking amazing the artwork is too? It’s monstrous and evil!

For blackened death metal Belphegor will always be my favorite, and that’s a higher standard that most extreme metal bands wish to strive for. Ulthar is a great newer band of similar ilk and I’ve also been drawn to the veterans Svart Crown as well. I love how intense the drums are whether its an extremely heavy complicated section, or something toned down and slower. The drum performance is a dynamic experience. VoidCeremony pushes the genre to the limit on this release and “Threads of Unknowing” will go down as an under the radar release for sure.

“Threads Of Unknowing” is a beastly album that thrives on rhythms and some atmosphere to move it along. The guitar riffs and progressions are so eloquent it’s a treat to listen to. Phil Tougas is in so many bands you can write a short story on all of them, as his amazing guitar leads are on display yet again. As a fellow musician I can tell how “clean” the songwriting is as it’s not a dirty band. What I mean as it’s carefully crafted blackened death metal that is just much more purposeful than being loud. The production is good and doesn’t take away from the band’s sound at all. The band has released two great songs ahead of it’s release date of April 14th on 20 Buck Spin and you can listen to them in this article. I highly encourage to check this album out when it releases if you like the genre blend, or want to try something new. It’s a sonic experience many bands in extreme music can’t always deliver, but VoidCeremony does with “Threads Of Unknowing”.

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