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Stillbirth- Homo Deus

One of extreme metal’s most consistent and also fun acts Stillbirth is releasing their album “Homo Deus” April 7th. I admit I didn’t know they were working on an album and I happened to stumble across this promo. I know they released an EP 2 years ago and a full length in 2020, as this great news caught me off guard in a good way.

Music is about unity, having fun, creating and enjoying the product no matter the genre or style. Their bassist passed away a few years ago and it really hit the band deeply and the rest of the community. I’ll give the band all the credit they want for continuing and creating music, as I’m sure it’s not easy looking over your shoulder playing live or in the studio and your friend/bandmate not being there. Many bands decided to split up and form new projects, and many decide to move on in these tragic situations. Stillbirth decided to, and are still putting out great music. Pumpa was an important part of the band as he was also their producer.

“Homo Deus” is another heavy offering with some great riffs thrown in on this slamtastic journey of brutality. Stillbirth is one of the most energetic bands that has unified fans of extreme metal (from younger to older fans) and continues to do so.

What makes Stillbirth great is you know what you’re getting from them, generally. They tend to throw some curveballs like some guitar solos (in SLAM?) and yes there’s a bass solo on this record you’ll have to find out when the public gets their hands on this release. The guitar work, rhythms and vocals are always some of the best in slam consistently each release. The vocals are so energetic and in your face without necessarily taking up a lot in the mix on the album. It’s a chunky, meaty piece of extreme music you can lose yourself in and pump you up to take on the day.

This will go down as one of the finer extreme metal releases of 2023 as April has just started with plenty of music to be heard and promoted. They are a very hard working band to boot not only playing live shows but with their releases. 2019 they self released “Back To The Stoned Age” consisting of re-recordings of the first two albums with some guest musicians. 2020 was shitty but it was a little less shitty with their full length “Revive The Throne” and immediately in 2021 released an EP “Strain Of The Gods”(Pumpa’s last appearance with the band RIP). And with this surftastic release, that put them at an almost one release per year since 2019! The band’s songwriting and talent ages like a fine wine, but I think with the aformentioned tragedy this release is the most impressive of these recent releases. The emotions and triggered memories of a friend not being there with your band must be insanely hard to deal with. Long live Stillbirth and long live Pumpa!

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