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Bonginator- The Intergalactic Gorebong Of Deathpot

Green friendly death metal band Bonginator is releasing their debut album on Thursday April 20th (shocker!). The band fuses some heavy ass death metal, trees, and aliens. Combine that with some gnarly features (most notably Devin from the ‘Bogg) and you have one hell of a debut. All you’re missing is a lit fatty while you immerse yourself in “The Intergalactic Gorebong Of Deathpot”. I’ve been jamming the singles and the 2022 EP “The 1986 Doink City Massacre” regularly, and this popped up in my email. It’s wild how life works sometimes, and well now I’m here to tell you about this insane album.

A lot of people will turn their heads at the cheesiness (starting with the album cover) but that’s part of what gives this album it’s personality. Cannabis Corpse does it well, and I hope Bonginator is the next extreme metal band to give us their cheesy marijuana puns. Musically, well it does it’s job. The vocals are in my sweet spot of the low end and some mid ranged gutturals. The riffs, rhythms and drums are spicy as fuck. Drums….well yeah. How do you like your snare? Audio nerds might wanna stay away from this album if you are picky with your snare sound. Cause this shit hits the sweet spot with a higher snare sound. Bonginator took me to PANG! city!

What more do you need from death metal? Clearly the boys want to have fun and that’s part of why I dig this band. I love serious death metal bands but I equally love when they have a personality or do something ridiculous like this. You get a a mix of talent, comedy and brutality all in one.

Bonginator’s “The Intergalactic Gorebong Of Deathpot” probably appeals to the younger crowd. Some older death metal fans may or may not appreciate the comedic aspect of the band. This album is an entertaining, brutal fresh of air for the genre and I’m 100% in with this ridiculousness. It’s time to fuckin’ party and if you like death metal throw on this monstrosity! Their cannabis infused debut album drops on 4/20 which is only in a few days on Barbaric Brutality! Crank this shit, get high, and bang your head! Bonginator is absolutely fucking great!

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