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A Pretext To Human Suffering- Endless Cycle Of Suffering

A Pretext To Human Suffering is releasing their full length album “Endless Cycle Of Suffering” on Realityfade May 26th. APTHS released a stellar EP “Rotting Sanctum” in 2020 and this is a continued improvement of it. It’s still brutal, but does still show off some technical flair and musicianship. The rhythms are great, so are the guitar riffs and vocals. APTHS is one of the better modern bands to perfectly blend groove, brutality and complicated parts. It’s a constant neck-breaking experience every metalhead should make the time for. This is a very underrated project and is definitely deserving of more ears.

APTHS brings some nasty slams on their pending release and really put you through the most brutal suffering you can imagine (musically speaking that is). One area that has gotten even better with the band is their cohesive songwriting. There are a lot more ideas thrown into the fold musically that are more diverse than the EP from 3 years ago. You can tell they have grown as a band in “Endless Cycle Of Suffering” and it really shows. As fast as the band can get on this LP there are just as many slower parts. Sure speed is important when it comes to any genre but if you can’t play at slower speeds there isn’t much you can do. APTHS succeeds in that fashion tenfold and give you a nice selection of speed throughout the album.

APTHS definitely appeals to younger fans of extreme metal, I’m gonna assume a lot of old school death metal guys wont be into them. Keep this brutal/tech project on your watch list AND play list! This nasty full length chocked full of insane death metal is the start of many stellar releases from these gentlemen! RealityFade keeps churning out stellar releases and this one drops May 26th mark that on your release calendars or lists!

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