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Malice Divine Official Playthrough Premiere Of “Into Subconscious Depths”

Melodic Blackened Death Metal project Malice Divine is premiering their guitar, bass and vocal playthrough of their track “Into Subconscious Depths”. This track is taken from the self titled debut. It’s a very impressive album and has to do a lot to catch my attention who isn’t into a ton of black metal. The songs are bigger, packed with more atmosphere and instrumentation (like the classical guitar interludes on this track) and are obviously heavy songs. This track is no different and takes no prisoners encompassing on a wild journey that will take you to places you never expected to.

Toronto, Canada’s Malice Divine is a solo project contrived by Ric Galvez who had always had the dream of entire creative control. He wanted to expand beyond being known as just as a lead guitarist. Galvez has played in local bands previously and was a contestant on Banger TV’s Shredders of Metal Seasons 1 & 2.

Galvez has a major in music from York University and through Malice Divine he shows off his prowess across instruments. His lyrics are inspired by psychology, spirituality, and divination, as well as personal experiences especially those involving the overcoming of obstacles and hardships using the resulting verses as a form of empowerment.

The first offering from Malice Divine, a self-titled full length, comes in 2021 with Dylan Gowan (Vesperia, Iomair) playing session drums. There are plans to flesh out a live lineup for Divine Malice when the time is right.

What people can expect from seeing Malice Divine live is highly aggressive black and death metal inspired music with shreddy and virtuosic guitar solos adding a melodic layer that isn’t common in the genre.

Enjoy the playthrough below and don’t forget to check out the rest of the album!

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