Official Guitar Playthrough Premiere Of Monarch “Blast The Seed”

Monarch is premiering their guitar playthrough of “Blast The Seed” from their newest release “Future Shock” with us today! I’ll admit I’ve fallen off the deep end when it comes to the new wave of thrash/classic metal and decided to give Monarch a shot. There’s a wide range of wild riffing on “Future Shock” and theres’ some seriously complex parts on this song “Blast The Seed”. The guitar work on this song is absolutely impressive and you will ABSOLUTELY need to see why so.

About the album:

It hits hard on a lot of levels, there are the riffs, the solos, the speed, the heaviness, the melodies, great memorable lyrics, the dynamic range of our creativity I think was truly expressed, and yet we still managed to sound like ourselves. We all just really look forward to sharing it with everyone.

About the song “Blast The Seed”

“Blast the Seed” was written all together in about an hour at a practice one day, structure and everything. It was when the most recent Black Dahlia Murder album came out at the time, I think it was “Nightbringers”, and Adam (Drums) wanted to come up with something with that vibe and I think Matt started it up with the main chorus riff and it grew from there, this one has a unique vibe because it was literally a creation from all of us at the moment and is a really fun one to play live. The lyrics are about blasting seeds of life into space to save a doomed race.

Check out the guitar playthrough below for some serious guitar chops!

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