Draemora Official Guitar Playthrough Premiere Of “Victorious”

Draemora is launching their guitar playthrough of “Victorious” with us today from their full length “Death Rectangle”! The song is a groovy, melodic and emotional adeventure put on great display by guitarist Terry Jenkins.

Guitarist Terry Jenkins comments on the writing and playing guitar for song:

“In this playthrough of “Victorious”, and for the actual recording of the guitars, I used
the same exact gear that I have been using for a while now.  The guitar itself is only a

few months old in this video, but everything else has been a constant for the last year,
at least.  
The signal chain is: ESP E-II Horizon Baritone 7 > Line 6 Helix LT (using 4 cable
method) > back out of the Helix LT’s FX Loop 1 > Gojira FX Sparkle Drive > ISP
Decimator II > Digitec Whammy > Back into the Helix > Back out of the Helix FX Loop
into my Rev G Mesa Triple Rec and then back into the Helix so I can use the Mesa’s
preamp > Back into the Helix where it is split and I have a noise gate and EQ for what
you hear out of the actual cabinet. Since that side uses the power section of the Mesa,
too, and the other side has a separate gate and EQ to help match the sound the amp
actually makes in a room to me, that runs into an Impulse Response that gets used for
our in-ears live and can go to the front of house, as well. What you are hearing in this
recording is the side with an Impulse Response.  
I wrote this song a few hours after purchasing this guitar.  It was a little different than
my other guitars and I ended up playing it for like 6 hours that night.  In the course of
that evening, I decided that what I was plucking around on sounded good, so I decided
to record it and by the end of the night I had a full song written.  I noticed right away
the Fishman Moderns that were in it had such insane clarity and depth to them that I
kept playing this big Major 7 chord that spanned most of the strings and I could hear
all the details in there. It was kind of mesmerizing and that became the chorus. I also
noticed that once I wanted to do some chugs and other techniques, the pickups allowed
me a lot of freedom and that is sort of how the song came together. Pretty funny how a
new sound or feel can really inspire you like that.”

Listen to the song and watch some awesome guitar work below!

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