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Alluvial is June 2021’s Artist Of The Month!

Alluvial is our website’s featured Artist Of The Month for June 2021! I’ve been patiently awaiting the band’s sophomore album which just released this past Friday May 28th! The debut “The Deep Longing For Annihilation” drew me in a handful of years ago. I caught the band when they toured for that album and it was well worth it. Keith Merrow left the fold on guitar and the band was up in the air for a bit. Then I found out Wes Hauch recruited a vocalist and voila the band has a vocalist! Kevin Muller (The Merciless Concept, Ex Sufocation live, Ex Pyreixa) fronts the band and really brings Hauch’s groovy riffs together. “Sarcoma” has been on repeat for me for days and never gets old, well so far at least. It’s a bit of an atmospheric and melodic offering, and even some surprise parts sung by Hauch himself. Rounding out the band is drummer Matt Paulzzo and bassist Tim Walker.

The band has plenty of experience being in some notable bands and is ready to take off especially with shows starting to return around the world. I’m glad this band got off the ground and can’t wait to see them take the stage. Oh, and they’re also signed to Nuclear Blast Records to boot! Things are only going up from here and get your daily dose of the band’s tunes on our facebook page this month!

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