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Belphegor release music video for”The Devils”

Belphegor have released another wild video in their collection involving the title track of their latest smasher “The Devils”. I absolutely cannot stop jamming this album and is my favorite one of theirs since “Blood Magick Necromance”. The video simply depicts a girl going through some spiritual issues with Helmuth in between shots, and a priest trying to help her out of some sorts. It’s another run in the mill video concept you might roll your eyes at it; but for some reason left me thinking it’s right out of a horror movie. It’s very real in that regard, and I’ve seen a lot of horror movies.

Belphegor has always been a band about visuals, mood and storytelling with if Anti Christian themes are everywhere. It’s definitely creepy as hell (no pun intended) if you’re into that sort of thing and this song is also one of my favorites from the new release. Hail Santa!

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