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Severed Headshop- The Fuckening

Severed Headshop is releasing its debut EP “The Fuckening” tomorrow via Everlasting Spew Records. If you love death grind, its an absolute doozy. It’s a chaotic, fast brutal release with some intense drumming for sure. Lots of blast beats, double bass, tremelo picking…..well you get it. If you don’t remember, we dropped a track for you all not too long ago from it.

Severed Headshop Official Track Premiere “Self Gorification”

It’s a relentlessly brutal EP that kept me coming back for more after the quick 5 song rotation was complete, and am looking forward to their future releases. Now, that says a lot because I’m picky with my grindcore but they’re not 100% grind. It clocks in just under 20 minutes in total runtime but as an EP that is right where its’ expected anyways. I prefer my vocals in the lower range (brutal/slam territory) but the wide range here fits the band perfectly. This beautifully groovy EP should be on everyone’s radar as soon as this drops. It also proves ES Records is one of the best in the game and continually grows.

I love the fact they don’t take themselves too seriously, ala this band promo.

Severed Headshop checks about every box when it comes to extreme metal: it’s groove filled, raw, heavy, filled with intense blasts and some nasty vocals. What more could you ask from a death/grind band? Anyways, don’t forget to jam this tomorrow when it drops you won’t be disappointed! (Use code AUG22 for 30% off your order from our site all month!)

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