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Severed Headshop Official Track Premiere “Self Gorification”

Severed Headshop is premiering a blistering new track fromt his new band titled “Self Gorification”. The song is a ripping death/grind affair from the debut EP “The Fuckening” that releases August 5th on Everlasting Spew Records. Blending early 2000 brutal death with blackened sorceries and modern Death Metal approaches and playing it all with a grindcore sneer, Severed Headshop (featuring members from Carrion Vael and Maimed) have a unique, savage and bloodthirsty sound. Get ready, The Fuckening has begun!

“The second track on the pathway to oblivion. A table saw decides the fate of mother and child. Heavily influenced by the ferocity of Severe Torture and the groove of Gorod. Mutilation, Self Gorification.”

If you like a little technicality, a ton of groove and a diverse sound SH will definitely suit your needs. The death/grind combo has homages to classic dm up to modern dm and the rest of the EP lives up to that expectation. Enjoy this track and don’t forget to check out the rest of the EP when it drops! This just shows why TO and Everlasting Spew are two of the best labels in extreme metal right now. (Check out our mechandise!)

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