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Psycroptic- Divine Council

They don’t need an introduction, they’re absolutely great. Psycroptic is dropping their mind bending record “Divine Council” this Friday August 5th. Outside of Soreption, Psyroptic has been consistently releasing stellar albums and always improving to say the least. Can you believe it’s already been 2 decades? I absolutely loved the last full length smasher “As The Kingdom Drowns”. The 2020 EP “The Watcher Of All” was barely an introduction to this amazing 2022 release. Just like the aforementioned Soreption, I’m not just blown away by the talent but also how good the songwriting is. Between all of the speed and super quick guitar work they still have some seriously addicting grooves. Jason Peppiatt’s voice is a huge part of the band’s sound, but Jason Keyser of Origin making some guest appearances throughout the album really diversify the vocals. Two totally different vocalists trading off sections and songs is absolutely nasty, as legendary as Keyser is and I’ve always like Peppiatt’s voice.

I hate to use cliches and stereotypes, but this is an impressive release that might just be their best. They tried some singing again, and it sounds great (just like the previous full length). I’m pretty partial to “Kingdom”, the self titled album and Observant as far as their releases are concerned. This might just get to the top of the pile, believe it or not. It’s so well constructed, and they’re not always worried about speed they’re insanely tight. This is a band you want to show a metalahead who is unfamiliar with tech and don’t wanna scare them away with something over the top like Archspire. My jaw is still on the floor after my first two listens of “Divine Council”. You can check out the early album stream thanks to my good friend Austin Weber.

What else do you expect from a great band at this point? Some bands have a limited peak in their career after 3-5 albums there might be some stinkers in there……but Psycroptic ages like a fine wine absolutely defying that trend. The hype is absolutely real and “Divine Council”” might just be the best tech death album of 2022 not named “Jord” (thanks Soreption). The Haley brothers are an insanely talented duo without a doubt.

I’ve luckily seen them live and the talent matches the album performances, trust me. They’re not hacks, a band that sucks live, or a band that sounds better on album…..cause their live show is absolutely phenomenal. Not only do they put out the great music but they play it SEAMLESSLY live. Psycroptic is a huge, huge deal in technical death metal and this just further cements their legacy. Don’t forget to grab something from the guys to support their musical endeavor, please. Album is officially out in a few days, and don’t forget to click that early stream link if you need some convincing (I didn’t need it, at least!).

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