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Splattered release video for “Follow The Entrails”

Splattered has been on my radar for the last 3 years since they dropped their “Carnivortex” album in 2019. The video is a 4 minute clip of the dudes slamming, but this puppy dropped on Slam Worldwide. I’m so glad I got to see Defeated Sanity earlier this year. To be honest the larger reason was Splattered was on the tour package! I was so happy, and damn did they deliver. They’re super groovy, a bit technical at times and the vocalist is a stellar frontman. If you don’t know the band, “Follow The Entrails” is a stellar song to start out with.

So far they’ve done 2 full lengths and an EP. They also did a split “Worldwide Slamicide” with a few bands as well. Check out the video below and start a pit in your living room!

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