Official Vocal Playthrough Premiere Of Celestial Wizard’s “Steel Chrysalis”

Celestial Wizard is launching a vocal playthrough with us today for their track “Steel Chrysalis” which happens to be my favorite track off their latest release “Winds Of The Cosmos”. They’re aptly tagged “fantasy metal” but to me they’re a melodic/black or deathy/Wintersun influenced kinda band and it really works! The best part of the video is the vocalist randomly walking out during the guitar solo. He starts mowing down on some food and drink, then gets right back to it when it’s over! The personality and talent in the video is great and the vocals are a very strong point in the band. He can hit some highs and lows as well, and there’s some singing to offset the different kinds of growls which adds to the variety.

Overall it’s a good album and should definitely check it out if you like some forward thinking metal blending a handful of genres/styles. This song is a good starting point and we hope you enjoy it! (use code AUG22 for 30% off of your order from our store all month!)

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