Category: Power Metal

Hidden Lapse releases single “Dead Jester”

Hidden Lapse have announced their lead single titled “Dead Jester” from their upcoming sophomore album “Butterflies”.  The album is scheduled to be released May 31st through Rockshots Records.  This Progressive Power Metal band has a nice sound, led by the wild and melodic vocals of Alessia.  The rhythms are really […]

Evergrey- The Atlantic

Evergrey released “The Atlantic “a few days ago on January 25th and it’s quite the wild ride.  This melodic progressive metal band has grabbed my attention and gone under the radar for quite some time. Prior to this release there are a handful of other albums, so it’s not […]

Mortanius- ‘Til Death Do Us Part

Progressive Power Metal Band Mortanius is releasing their first full length album “Til Death Do Us Part” on February 22nd and we have the low down for you here at TMR!  This band is very entertaining with its symphonic and neoclassical elements, adding all those acoustic and classical guitar […]