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Mortanius- ‘Til Death Do Us Part


Progressive Power Metal Band Mortanius is releasing their first full length album “Til Death Do Us Part” on February 22nd and we have the low down for you here at TMR!  This band is very entertaining with its symphonic and neoclassical elements, adding all those acoustic and classical guitar tracks. The band has released three EP’S before diving into this full length album, so it’s very important to them that they wanted do a full length. This band really clicks especially rhythmically led by Jesse Shaw, let me tell you about it.  The vocals are what drew me in first, and shockingly to admit from a guitar player.


Lead and backing vocals – Lucas Flocco
Bass- Jesse Shaw
Lead guitars: Ollie Bernstein
Rhythm guitars: AJ Larsen

Lucas’ voice is just so pure, clean, and has an amazing range for a guy (who stereotypically have lower vocal ranges, which is awfully impressive).  The guitar work is absolutely awesome between Ollie and AJ, really shining bright from many different styles on “Til Death Do Us Part”.  And what makes this band even greater?  They did a cover of Wham’s “Last Christmas”! How messed up is that? But they made it very melancholy, kinda spooky, and totally different….taking away from the original poppy upbeat song.  Mortanius is a solid band with a versatile vocalist and meshes many cool sounds together.  The modern progressive bands tend to be kookier, and also heavier for the most part.  They blend in the classic prog metal sounds that give them that majestic sound they’re achieving with heavily layered synthesizer and keyboard tracks as well.  Its a phenomenal album, pick it up when it comes out!

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